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What You Need to Know About Talking Head Videos

In most cases, businesses use a studio to shoot their videos and then spend several days editing them. However, publishing a video quickly and getting it out to the public is sometimes vital.

A short talking head video with our lifelike AI avatars may save you a great deal of time and energy. In such a video, a person is filmed directly in front of the camera and is either speaking to the viewers directly or to an interviewer who is off-screen.

Find out how to make talking avatar videos without cameras, microphones, or lighting equipment by reading this article.

How to Do a Talking Head Video Explained 

There are two methods for editing such a video: conventional (using a microphone and camera) and innovative (using an AI video maker).

Using the conventional way, you need to write a script, film your talking head video and any b-roll material, record your audio, and edit the video with a video editor. If you want to produce a high-quality video, you’ll need to put a lot of time and effort into this process.

In comparison to the old way, which takes years to master, the innovative technique is far more efficient. With a platform like Elai, you can just type in any text and have a video created for you in minutes. As a result, you may have your videos narrated by realistic AI avatars in more than 65 different languages. 

You may even make a custom avatar of yourself to avoid speaking in front of a camera. A personalized avatar is always ready to go and may be used in any high-quality content.

3 Best Talking Head Video Examples

Check out some talking head video examples produced with the help of Elai Builder.

Explainer Videos

An all-in-one tool for generating explainer videos includes a text-to-speech engine, templates, AI avatars, and more.

Corporate Communications Videos

Convert dull PowerPoint presentations into entertaining videos. Make high-quality videos for onboarding, workshops, or company updates.

Learning & Development Videos

When it comes to creating an emotional connection and capturing attention, nothing beats a video. Just have a look!

Want a Talking Head Video? With Elai, It’s Easier Than You Think

Talking avatar videos not just save you money and energy, but they may also better reflect your business to customers. For one thing, it’s simpler for your target audience members to identify with them. So, why not use such videos to boost your customer relations?

As an added benefit, a custom avatar can be used to instantly add personality to your company’s videos. Creating a talking avatar of your company’s representative is the finest method to establish your brand’s distinct appearance on the web.

You can create a talking head video with audio in over 65 different languages and voices with Elai’s platform. There is no need for a camera, a microphone, or a studio.

A talking head video is any video in which a person is filmed close-up, either directly to the camera lens or with an interviewer off-screen. Afraid of the camera? Take use of our lifelike AI avatars or construct a talking head of yourself for your own use in the video.

A talking head video editing is not difficult. To begin, you may select from 20+ AI avatars or create your own. Secondly, just copy and paste your video script into the text field. A few minutes later, you’ll have an AI video ready to go. Download, translate, or stream it later.

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