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Use a smartphone or web camera to create an animated video avatar of yourself in no time.
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Get a 4K studio quality AI avatar and use it in your videos. Make it speak in 65+ languages!
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Learn how Elai can help you enhance viewer engagement, increase conversion rates, and automate video creation.

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Top companies globally use Elai for generating video content on a large scale. Contact Sales to learn more about or solution.

Top companies globally use Elai for generating video content on a large scale. Contact our sales team to learn more about our solution.


Create videos at scale faster. Made for teams of all sizes.

Multi-lingual Voice Cloning
Experience the power of multi-lingual voice cloning, enabling you to replicate your own voice in eight different languages.
Automated Translations
One-click video translation will help you reach a global audience. Translate your videos in available 75 languages.
Generate a video from a prompt
Text-to-video. GPT-3 + Integration allows you to create a script from scratch and generate a video based on it.
Article-to-Video Converter
For Marketing and SEO teams. Turn your blog posts into narrated videos from URL. Paste the link to your blog post and let our platform do the rest.
Single-Sign On (SSO)
Single Sign-On feature allows our users to access multiple applications with just one set of login credentials.
Brand Identity
Create custom templates with the company’s band colors and styles.
Personalization at Scale
Create a personalized experience at scale that allows to deliver a more targeted message and build stronger relationships with their customers.
Create your avatar
Create a digital avatar of your company representative and clone their voice with Elai.
PPT/PDF to Video
You can easily convert a PPT into a video using the Elai platform. Simply import your PowerPoint file as a PDF and generate a video based on it.
What our customers say
“I'm thrilled that I can now produce and modify any video straight from my browser. presents me with everything necessary to perfect my video, including ready-made templates, different elements, background alternatives, and the option to incorporate personal music, video, speech, and even virtual presenters.”
Alexandra B.
Chief Operations Officer
“With, I can simply type in the text I want to use for my video, select a few options for the video style and layout, and voila! A stunning video is created before my eyes. I no longer have to spend hours figuring out the right images, music, and transitions to use for my video. takes care of all of that for me, leaving me with a polished and professional video that I can share with my audience.”
Rodrigo C.
“I like that video creation is super easy with Elai. I was creating videos for different kind of activities, mainly for email marketing and leadgen campaings, and I'm happy with the raise on conversation. The video editing is easy as well, and I like the feature of 'translating by one click'. It helps me to target right people.”
Solomiya M.
Lead Generation Manager
“Elai helps you create presentations using text to speech and AI avatars in an amazing UX UI way. In my opinion they are the number 1 in terms of product market fit for that vertical. You can use Elai for clients onboarding, students onboarding, pitch presentations, online courses.”
Ghislain M.
Operating Partner
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Leveraging advanced AI,’s Software as a Service tool allows users to easily create videos using just text, putting words in the mouths of digital avatars. helps you create educational and marketing video content with AI-generated humans from plain text.
Thanks to the technology, companies and content creators no longer need to rent a studio with a green screen and have a thick wallet. The production will be handled by artificial intelligence