Create AI videos from just text.

Build customized AI videos with a presenter in minutes without using a camera, studio and a greenscreen.

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Selfie avatar:
Use a smartphone or web camera to create an animated video avatar of yourself in no time.
Studio avatar:
Get a 4K studio quality AI avatar and use it in your videos. Make it speak in 65+ languages!
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Text-to-video. Redefined with GPT-3
GPT-3 + Integration allows you to create a script from scratch and generate a video based on it.
Article-to-Video Converter
For Marketing and SEO teams. Turn your blog posts into narrated videos. Paste the link to your blog post and let our platform do the rest.
Copy and paste a blog
post URL or HTML text.
Choose a template from
the library.
Review the generated video and
apply changes if needed.
Click "Render" and
download your video.
Use Cases

Learn how Elai may help you boost conversion rates, increase organic traffic and improve viewer engagement with videos.

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Voice cloning
For deep customization and the wow effect, clone your voice and narrate any video using Elai with Descript Overdub integration. Voice cloning is a rewarding feature, as only 30 minutes of voice recording you need to provide goes a long way and ensures top-quality audio for each of your videos. The cloned voice will be available to you exclusively and work just as every text-to-speech Elai voice.
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Leveraging advanced AI,’s Software as a Service tool allows users to easily create videos using just text, putting words in the mouths of digital avatars. helps you create educational and marketing video content with AI-generated humans from plain text.
Thanks to the technology, companies and content creators no longer need to rent a studio with a green screen and have a thick wallet. The production will be handled by artificial intelligence