Use Cases

Check out our Use cases and see how can bring your work to the next level.

Explainer Videos

Create a screencast-based explainer video just from text, and edit without reshooting.

Increase organic traffic

Turn your blog post into a video with a digital avatar.
See how Springs has done it!

HR Onboarding

Generate an interactive training video and bring your onboarding process to the next level!

E- learning

Create AI videos to bring variety into your educational approach. Edit without reashooting.


Increase your online sales by creating AI E-Commerce videos. Create screencast-based videos for your audience.

Corporate communications

Create video presentations for corporate communications with your internal and external stakeholders.

Real Estate

Advance your work by creating Real Estate overview AI videos for you clients. Increase your sales rate easily!

AI Dubbing

Translate and voice over your existing videos with advanced AI Dubbing technology.

AI News Generator

Boost the efficiency of your blog with digital news presenters

Caroon Avatars

See the examples of how Elai can transform any cartoon mascot into a talking digital avatar.

Get inspired

Visit the Elai Youtube channel for even more ideas

Create AI videos

Start creating your AI-powered videos today

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