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Generate Personalized Videos With the Elai API

See how you can create endless personalized videos from just one draft in a few clicks.

Integrate with the Elai API

Your ideal personalized AI videos are just a few clicks away!
Use the Elai API to experience the easiest and most efficient way to create endless personalized videos from just one template.

How it Works

Upload your user base
Upload a CSV file of your user base into the Elai builder in a few clicks. Make sure to include all the needed information.
Use the tags in the text area

Use the special text on the slides and in the text area to create personalized videos. After the render, each tag will be replaced with a corresponding piece of data.

Hi {{Name}}, thank you for purchasing {{product title}}!
Hi Kate, thank you for purchasing Playstation 5!
Hi Dan, thank you for purchasing GoPro!

Render OR…
After your video is ready, click “Render” and enjoy the results!
Render via API
You can also use the Elai API to render videos. Make a request with your template ID and tags and receive a video link using a webhook or separate API call.

How to make: AI video with a digital presenter

See how you can generate a video with a talking AI-powered avatar in 65+ languages. The Elai API takes this process to a whole new level and lets you experience true personalization.

Reasons to Use the Elai API and Never Look Back

See what makes the Elai API truly special.


Effortless creation

With the Elai API, creating personalized videos is a no-brainer.


The avatar library

Have a digital avatar address your users to amaze them.


Create more

Spend a minimum of your time and still get excellent results.

Get a Custom Avatar

Talk to each of your users personally by getting a custom avatar.

Establishing strong personal connections with your users shows how much the company cares.

However, sometimes it’s just impossible to do so mindfully with each and every one. Getting a custom avatar of a company representative is a perfect solution. Always camera-ready, a custom avatar can talk to your users and help you strengthen your brand.

See How Elai Integrated With Thinkific

Read more to learn how Elai can be useful for your LMS system.

We are introducing our API interface to integrate with your LMS system.

Check out the video tutorial on how Thinkific LMS users can generate videos and upload them into their account.

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