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Are you trying to improve your marketing strategy? Take your business to the next level with effective video content through our explainer video maker feature.

The Best Animation Explainer Video Maker

Making quick and effective video content needn’t be a daunting task. Retain the viewer’s attention through the right format, backed up by the right text, visuals, infographics, animations, and more.

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65+ Languages

With over 65 languages available, you can reach out to various audiences through Elai. It is your ideal solution for how to make explainer videos.


Built-In Avatars

With built-in emotional avatars, with the possibility for customization, you can effectively put across your message with the help of impactful visuals.



With us, we give you the flexibility of creating fully adjustable screencast-based videos that do the trick when it comes to communicating the right way.

Quick, Effective And Budget-Friendly

Making a video with Elai is a piece of cake. You can browse through and pick a template of your choice, edit your video, and put in your details, and voila, your video is made. You can easily import it to your social media channels.

Why choose us?

✔️ Budget-friendly and inexpensive

✔️ Easy to use and edit

✔️ Super professional look and feel

✔️ Beginner and user-friendly

✔️ Social media supported formats

Customization Made Easy

Want to create animated explainer videos according to your style? Sign up with us and enjoy the perks of customization. Make your video more personalized with the option of adding your photos and videos that make it impactful and interesting.

ai generated videos

Varied Tools

The in-built tools we provide are unlike any other platform. With a variety of tools to help you create ideal videos, we help you create a masterpiece.



You no longer have to depend on professional video creators to make impressive videos. With us, you can create high-quality videos in the comfort of your home.



You can save tons of time and resources that you might have otherwise spent on video creation. Our tools are easy to implement and help you save precious company time.

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65+ languages supported

Localization has never been so easy. See how your videos can reach an audience in every corner of the world – all thanks to

Choose from a wide variety of video presenters

Depending on your audience,’s library lets you pick a presenter of your choice and use it in any of
your videos.