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Understanding the value of AI videos

Engaging videos just from text
Regular blogging is known to be a powerful SEO tool – but it only works if the content is high quality. Including videos in your blog is engaging and attention-grabbing.
Localization made easy supports 65+ languages so you can create a video that suits your audience best.
Digital avatar library
Get attention by including an AI-powered avatar in your video – new technology will get your audience curious and fascinated.
Create Blog Post Videos Without Breaking the Bank

No special skills or knowledge are required. Easily paste the text into the text area, choose the avatar you like the most, and render.

Check our Knowledge Base for more answers

Can I be in the AI video? is a user-friendly platform that helps you convert text to video within minutes.
Can I add music to the videos?
Of course. You can either choose a track from the Elai royalty-free music library or upgrade to the Advanced Plan and upload your own music.
Can I upload my own elements into the video maker?
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.