Transform PDFs and PPTs into AI Videos

Liven up soulless PowerPoints, PDFs and blog articles by quickly converting them into captivating videos

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How to convert a PDF or PPT to video with

Upload PowerPoint or PDF
Converting PPTs and PDFs into videos is easier than it seems. Firstly, you need to log in to your Elai account and click “Create video”. Here you will find various options to choose from. Pick “From presentation”, upload your file, and click “Create video”.
Choose avatars and scripts to your slides
Then follows the most captivating stage of video creation – video editing. provides diverse tools to opt for. Your PDF slides will be converted to a slide background so you can easily diversify your video with talking digital presenters, a stock Media library, Music, a voice-over option, and inviting Animations. 
Render and download your video
When your video is fully ready-to-use, you need to render your project. After rendering, the video will appear in the “Videos” section where you can watch, share and download it.

Check our Knowledge Base for more answers

How do I turn PowerPoint into a video?
You can easily convert PPT into video using the Elai platform. Simply start a new project and import your PowerPoint file. Each slide will become a background for your video, then make your edits, and download your file.
How do I turn PDF to video?
Turn PDFs into videos using Import your PDF and your draft will be generated on the platform. Customize with presenters and features of your choice and download the file in video format.
What customization options do I have?
Bring creative presentation ideas to life by easily editing your videos. Add AI presenters created with real actors, narrations by typing in a script, 60+ languages, audio files, images, text, and animations.