Request a Custom Avatar

If you are interested in a personal avatar, please submit the details below. To create your custom avatar, the Elai team requires a short footage – read more about the requirements here.


    Reasons to Get a Custom Avatar from Elai and Never Look Back

    Strengther your User Communications
    Create your videos 20x faster compared to traditional Video Making
    Save Your Costs – get a Custom Avatar for the price of one day studio rental
    Always be Camera-Ready

    Film The Perfect Footage Easily

    • Book a studio with a good camera and green background available;
    • Your footage should contain at least 3 uninterrupted speeches, while looking only at the camera;
    • Pro tip: try preparing a speech at home so you can fully focus on filming quality footage at the studio;
    • See the full list of requirements here.


    A custom avatar is an AI-powered avatar made with video footage of you. It works just like the other Elai avatars, and it lets you put yourself into videos effortlessly.

    It may seem surprising, but there is nothing complicated about this process, as the Elai team will do most of the work for you. The only thing required from your side to create a custom avatar is a short footage of you speaking. You can read more about it here.

    As soon as you provide the footage, the tech team begins their work of magic. Guided by our professional custom avatar creator, the sophisticated and advanced AI model collects the needed data from the footage and turns it into an avatar. After that, your custom avatar will be available in the Elai builder exclusively for you.

    As for now, you have the option of uploading your own voice recording into the builder and making the custom avatar sound like you. This feature is available for our Basic Plan and Advanced Plan users.

    Using the most innovative technology to create video content definitely makes a company stand out. However, it is even better to personalize it with a custom avatar. You can create tons of videos with your company’s representative to build a strong brand.