Elai.io Builder
SaaS tool that allows you to create custom videos powered by AI.
  • choose a presenter;
  • place it on a slide and add text, images, and videos;
  • add speech text.
  • add music to your video
  • trim and adjust video background
How It Works
This is a sample video that was generated with the use of our platform. You are able to choose different presenters from our library and add your speech to the slides. We are still tuning our ML model and the quality will be improved in the future releases.
Use Cases
  • Learning and development. With Elai.io you are able to create e-learning videos with our unique avatar as a presenter.
  • Corporate Communications. Translate your video in 40+ languages in almost no time and without a professional crew.
  • Personalized Videos. Boost your marketing campaign with personalized video messages.