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What is Elai?
Elai.io is an AI-based solution that lets its users generate videos with a human presenter just from text. With a library of avatars, 40+ languages available, and ability to fully customize the video, it gives endless opportunities for educational courses creation.
How does Elai work?
Elai is AI-based, so the solution converts the text you use in the video into speech and lines it up with the mouth movement of a chosen avatar.
All the backgrounds, text, and screencasts are rendered to fit well within the speech text.
How will Elai affect my Thinkific Site?
After creating a video through Elai, you will be able to upload it to your Thinkific Site and use it in your courses.
How to install Elai?
When you are logged in to your School, go to Apps. You can see it on your left sidebar.
In the App Store search bar, type in "Elai". After you see the app, click "install".

How to use Elai?
You can get started after registering your account and confirming your email address.
In the Elai builder, press the "create video" button and choose a fitting template or create a video from scratch.
On the right sidebar, choose the preferred presenter. Add a background or upload your own image or screencast. Add your elements: text, images, and shapes. Also, you can add music.
Below your slide, there is the speech text box. Next to it, the drop-down menus of languages and voices. After choosing the needed ones, you can type in the text and listen to it.
In order to make the video longer, add more slides with a click on the left sidebar. Every slide can be fully customized and different from the other ones.
When done, click render.

How to uninstall Elai?
When you are logged in to your School, go to Apps. There, you will see Elai gaming your installed apps. To uninstall, click on the trash can next to it.

  • How long can a video be?
Your video length is not limited as long as it fits into the requirements of your plan.

  • Are the avatars deepfakes?
No, Elai.io's Ethics Policy does not support the usage of deepfakes.

  • Can the avatar speak in my voice?
Yes, in the builder you can upload a voiceover for the avatar to speak.

  • Can I create an avatar with me?
Yes, Elai.io can create a custom avatar for you.
Useful Resources
For any questions, please contact [email protected]

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