Employee Onboarding Videos From Text

Create HR Onboarding videos with Elai.io to make the process the most engaging

Take Your Onboarding
to the Next Level

3 Reasons Why You
Should Use Elai.io
Boost understanding
Seeing a product, software, or a set of tools in action makes it simple to understand how they work. Plus, videos provide a clearer picture of the roles.
Give an Inside look
Videos provide newbies with a glimpse into your company’s flow. Fantastic for remote employees, HR onboarding videos reveal human faces and thus engage them more.
Easily adaptable
Do you have an onboarding film in your new employee orientation kit? It can be reused. Share it online to demonstrate your company’s culture to a larger audience.
HR Onboarding Video Maker With AI Presenters

With Elai.io, you can pick a presenter from our library to use in your AI-generated HR onboarding videos.

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Turn your corporate presentations into AI videos with digital presenters. Create impressive video presentations within minutes and implement them into your company’s communications strategy. Start today!
Make Maximum Use of HR AI-Powered
Avatars in Devising Videos for
Onboarding Videos

Pick a presenter from the library to use in your video. For a fully narrated video from avatars, simply paste your script into the text area. If you require a personalized avatar that resembles you, we can assist you with creating one upon request.