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Take Your Onboarding to the Next Level

In the recruitment process, onboarding videos are proving to be an effective tool. Video is always a wise investment, whether you’re training new employees about your company’s culture, or detailing your key principles.

Embrace Videos Into Your Employee Training Process

These depict your company’s culture, the newcomer’s team, and the tools they’ll be using in their new position. Videos provide newcomers a peek of what it’s like to work with you – and Elai is here to help with it.

HR Onboarding Video Maker With AI Presenters

With, you can pick a presenter from our library to use in your AI-generated HR onboarding videos. If you need a custom avatar, we can help you create one at the request.

No need to rent a studio or employ a crew; our platform allows you to create an orientation video in just a few clicks! Simply paste your text into the box and receive a fully narrated video from our avatars.

Built-In Video Avatars

Elai video presenters are created by using real video footage. Then, it is processed using our AI solution. You may move the avatars around on the slide, modify their size, and add a unique one for each slide.

Read more about our currently available video avatars here. Choose and try any digital avatar to present in your video.

Custom Avatars

A personalized avatar is an AI-based avatar created from video footage of you. It works in the same way as the other Elai avatars and lets you insert yourself into HR onboarding videos. Lead your newcomer through the company effortlessly!

Elai team will do the rest. The only thing you will need to make a personalized avatar is a short video of yourself speaking. You can read more about the requirements here. Contact us to request your custom avatar today!

Explore More of Features
When Making HR Onboarding Videos

Bring your employee orientation videos to the next level with features listed below. Enjoy the full sets of video editing tools & templates that are extremely easy to use! Learn more about them here.
Share your company’s story in a matter of minutes! Just put your script into the text area and the AI solution will assist you in converting your text to speech. The avatar or avatars of choice will voice the text in any of the 65+ languages available.
Thanks to, any avatar can talk in your own voice. Simply record and upload it while editing your AI-generated video. It is better to do it using a microphone in a quiet place.
Easy to Customize
Make any necessary changes to the template, or start from scratch. To create the ideal background, choose from a large selection of stock photos and videos. You can also add movement to your slides by animating them.
Pick Some Music
Are you seeking the perfect tune to accompany your AI-driven onboarding video? You’re covered with To locate royalty-free music tracks for your videos, look through our stock library.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use for HR Onboarding Videos


Boost Understanding

Seeing a product, software, or a set of tools in action makes it simple to understand how they work. Plus, videos provide a clearer picture of the roles.


Give an Inside Look

Videos provide newbies with a glimpse into your company's flow. Fantastic for remote employees, HR onboarding videos reveal human faces and thus engage them more.


Easily Adaptable

Do you have an onboarding film in your new employee orientation kit? It can be reused. Share it online to demonstrate your company's culture to a larger audience.

Produce Spectacular AI
Onboarding Videos in a Few Steps

Learn how to make an HR Onboarding video in 4 easy steps.
Follow this simple step-by-step guide and start creating work orientation videos today!

Login & Create
Sign up or log into your account and click on the ”New Video” button. Create a video from scratch or get some ideas from our library of templates.
Edit & Customize
Choose an avatar, background and add desired text to your slide. Use animations, music, slide transitions, and more to take your video to the next level.
Compose & Stage
Add speech text to the video to make the avatar voice-over the presentation.
Render & Publish
Click the “Render” button and wait a little bit. When the video is ready, you will receive the notification via email. Now you are all set!

No need for a studio

Create amazing videos with real human presenters from the comfort of your workplace. Forget about the struggles of finding a studio and coordinating a crew.

ai generated videos

Videos just from text

Transform your script into compelling HR onboarding videos with ease. You can get a fully narrated video only by pasting your text into the text area.


Edit without reshooting

You are no longer need to return to the studio to reshoot your materials. It is now simple to log into your account and edit the video to your liking.

HR Onboarding Video Within Clicks

HR Onboarding Video Within Clicks

With Elai’s solution, you can make compelling videos that introduce new employees to your company. Get an awesome work orientation video in a few minutes.

video generator ai

65+ languages supported

Localization has never been so easy. See how your videos can reach an audience in every corner of the world – all thanks to

Choose from a wide variety of video presenters

Depending on your audience,’s library lets you pick a presenter of your choice and use it in any of
your videos.