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How can our API be implemented in your business? Here are the most common use cases from

What is Elai? is an AI-based solution that lets you generate videos with a digital presenter just from text. With a library of digital avatars, 65+ languages available, and the ability to fully customize the video, it gives endless opportunities for educational courses creation.

Reasons to use the Elai API and Never Look Back

API Use Cases

Generate video content in bulk
Automate the process of video creation with our API. Create loads of content in a few clicks with the preservation of the selected template, Talking Avatar, and additional animated elements. Pay attention to our rate limits.
Automate e-learning content generation
If you have pre-arranged educational materials, you can automatically turn them into e-learning videos via API access. You no longer need to burden yourself with copy-pasting your prepared information.

Here you can see some examples of the practical application of personalised videos

Onboarding videos for employees
Conversational AI & visual chatbots
Q&A model
Welcome sign-up videos
Sales management software
Custom video outreach

Getting started with the API

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