Article-to-video Converter

Generate sophisticated video content just from the link

Reasons why you should choose for url-to-video conversion

Save time by generating videos from url
If you want to save time and effort when it comes to creating videos, using Elai that can generate videos from URLs is a great option.
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Use our smart editor to rewrite text for video
Our smart editor uses advanced algorithms to analyze your text and suggest changes that will make it more suitable for video content.
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Use profesional
Our templates are designed by experienced designers and video editors who understand what it takes to create engaging video content.
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Turn blog posts into narrated videos in a few clicks

Step 1: Copy blog post url and paste it
Paste a link for your article and our algorithm will automatically turn text to scenes.
Step 2: Choose a template
Find a template that fits your specific use case from the 50+ video templates available on our library.
Step 3: Edit text for your video
Rewrite your script if needed with AI. You can change tone of the selected text or rewrite the whole script.
Step 4: Convert video to slides
Click ‘Convert to slides’ and you’ll see your content at the slides.
Step 5: Render your video
All you need to do is click ‘Render video’, and the tool will work its magic.