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With, you can choose any presenter from the library and use it in your videos. If you need a personal avatar, we can do that as well upon your request.

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The talking avatars are based on video footage of real actors which is then processed with our AI solution. Currently, we have 25+ video avatars in the library. Choose an avatar to your taste and see how a digital presenter can speak in your video.
Position anywhere on the slide
Change their size
Add a unique avatar for each slide

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With the video avatars, you can generate the video content effortlessly. No need to rent a studio or hire a crew, create your video only in a few clicks. Just paste your text and get a fully narrated video with our avatars. Use an AI-powered talking avatar to draw your clients’ attention and make them thrilled.

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The video avatars can be useful in many fields, whether you want to create educational video content, generate a product walkthrough video, or personalize your marketing videos. Pick a presenter of your choice in the library and use it in any of your videos.

Real Estate Videos
Are you looking for innovative ways of showing your properties? Choose Elai’s solution to enter the crowded market with engaging real estate videos.
Make Real Estate Videos
Explainer Videos
Grow your business digitally with the explainer videos. Retain the viewer’s attention through the right format with visuals, infographics, animations, and more.
Make Explainer Videos
Increase the sales rate fundamentally by adding a video review of your product. Create E-commerce videos easily without any special equipment or skills.
Make E-commerce Videos

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How long does it take to make a video from text? is a user-friendly platform that helps you convert text to video within minutes.
Are any special skills required to produce a video on Elai?
Not at all. We make it easy for everyone to use our solution for text-to-video conversion.
Can I add my own images and change background?
Of course, it is one of the many features that we offer to you when you create a video from text.