Record your screen with Elai’s screen recorder

Effortlessly create professional-quality tutorials, demos, and presentations

Key benefits
Easy to use
With our intuitive interface, you can start recording your screen with just a few clicks.
High-quality output
Our Screen Recorder captures high-quality video with crisp audio, ensuring that your content looks and sounds professional.
Whether you're creating a software demo, a tutorial, or a presentation, our Screen Recorder can handle it all.
With a variety of recording settings, you can customize your recording to suit your needs.
Record your entire screen or just a selected tab
Enhance your videos by adding annotations, such as text and arrows, to highlight important details and make your points clearer.
Add annotations, such as text and arrows, to your video
Elai is committed to delivering high-quality videos that look professional and polished. Its AI technology ensures that the videos are not only visually appealing, but also engaging and effective.
Share your videos directly from the app
With our app, you can easily share your finished videos directly from the platform, making it simple to distribute your content and get it in front of your desired audience.