HR Onboarding
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Create HR Onboarding videos with Elai.io to make the process the most engaging
No need for studio
Generate awesome videos with real human presenters from the comfort of your office. Forget about the struggles of renting a studio and hiring a crew.
Videos just from text
Effortlessly transform your text learning materials into engaging videos. Paste your text into the text-to-speech box and get a fully narrated video.
Edit without reshooting
You do not need to go back to the studio to reshoot your materials anymore. Now, it is easy to just log into your account and change up the video in any way you want.
Some examples of what you can create with Elai.io:
40+ languages supported
Localization has never been so easy. See how your videos can reach an audience in every corner of the world - all thanks to Elai.io.

Choose from a wide variety of video presenters
Depending on your audience, Elai.io’s library lets you pick a presenter of your choice and use it in any of your videos.