Create AI News Videos with Avatars

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Create AI News Videos

React to events &
Incidents Faster Than
News Networks
The rush for breaking news and headlines is on. In the area of journalism, whoever breaks a story first receives all the engagement. Elai’s AI solution is right here when it comes to news video creation.
The sophisticated AI solution will help convert your text into speech. The avatar or avatars of choice will voice the text in any of the 65+ languages.
Easy to customize
Browse the wide variety of stock images and videos to choose a background or an element to your liking. You can even animate your slides to add more dynamics.
Just upload a recording of it while editing your video. We advise doing it in a quiet room and using a microphone.
Pick some music
Are you seeking the ideal tune for your real estate video? got you covered. We offer royalty-free music tracks that you can use.

Take advantage of videos for AI news

Follow this straightforward step-by-step guide

Create AI News Videos
With Just A Click

With Elai’s solution, you can make compelling videos that tell the latest breaking news. Get a dynamic news video within minutes.