Elai Cartoon Avatars

See the examples of how Elai can transform any cartoon mascot into a talking digital avatar.

Just the start of something amazing!

Making your own mascot into a talking avatar is a completely new step new in the world of AI video creation. While getting such great results in the first demos, it is hard to even imagine how impressive the development will be.

If you want to be one of the pioneers of having your own cartoon avatar, let us know by filling out the form below!


Made for you only

Once your cartoon avatar is ready, it will only be available to you in the Elai builder, always ready for video creation.
65+ languages
Reach any audience by speaking their language – literally. Enjoy the 65+ languages and even more voices available.
Completely customizable
Make your videos fit any mood with the numerous features like Lottie animations, own music upload, and slide transitions.

Does this sound like a fit? Let us know!