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Pick a presenter from the library to use in your video. For a fully narrated video from avatars, simply paste your script into the text area. If you require a personalized avatar that resembles you, we can assist you with creating one upon request.


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What are real estate videos?
Real estate videos are designed to help you sell your own home or a client’s home and provide the best value for potential new clients. If you’re seeking to foster your real estate business with videos, is here to help.
How much do real estate videos cost?
For a specially filmed video, you can expect to pay at least $225 for 30 seconds, but the price will rise depending on post-production editing services. We at suggest you pay a much less price, spending only a few minutes of your precious time and getting a compelling result.
How do I make a good real estate video?
You need to script the video, stage the house, and use quality equipment for filming the video footage. will help with the rest. Equipped with our intuitive editing tools, you are all set to make expert use of real estate videos to improve your business!
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