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How AI-Generated Videos Improve Your Marketing

Text and graphics can’t hold a viewer’s attention like video can. The world of internet content is evolving, and AI video generation is gaining traction. Users of social media consume a lot of video content, therefore this is the place to be if you want to maximize your marketing initiatives.

There are new ways to create videos without using cameras or performers thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence technology. Keep reading to understand how AI video generation platforms can help you better engage clients by using videos in your marketing plan.

What is AI and how does it work?

AI is a broad concept that has been used in a variety of fields for decades. Today, we describe AI as a computer system capable of performing activities normally associated with human intellect.

Reasoning, learning, problem-solving, planning, and self-correction are all examples of this. It also includes natural language processing (NLP), which allows computers to comprehend text and speech, as well as generate text in response to human or other information input.

What do you need to know about AI video generation?

In an AI-generated video, there is an avatar which is an artificial figure representing a human who reads your words in a lifelike voice. It’s critical that these videos include a human-like face. Identifying faces is one of the vital characteristics of people’s brains, thus the presence of individuals in your videos can help your viewers better understand the message and engage with your material.

Thanks to AI-powered videos, businesses can now turn paperwork into eye-catching videos and customized presentations. Any AI video generation platform makes it easy to find in a large selection any avatar who can read your text. They’re so realistic that they even smile!

Why AI video generation platforms are revolutionizing the business?

We all know that video is an efficient tool to engage with clients, and its use in marketing has grown significantly in recent years. Video is still a relatively new medium, and there are numerous obstacles to implementing it properly. With AI technology, we can overcome them and find a way to cut through the chaos and get right to the point.

Video content generation has always had a strong connection with AI. In fact, it was one of the first areas where we noticed a significant change in how work is done. This transformation affected not only how people created digital content, but also how they worked and collaborated.

Marketing with AI-generated videos is a new technology worth looking at. It may be utilized for a variety of things, like increasing demand generation, personalizing messages, and even boosting conversion rates on a website.

3 major types of AI-generated videos to boost your marketing

Embracing AI-powered videos means understanding how to use them most effectively as part of your marketing toolkit. The ability to generate videos more quickly and with customized content would be perfect for a variety of aims and audiences, and we’ll go over three of them here.

1. E-learning videos.

Your audience will learn something new after watching your educational videos. Establishing yourself as an authority in your field, you build trust between you and your customers with this form of video marketing.

The classroom should not be the only place where people may learn. People today expect to be able to study whenever, wherever, and in any way they want. AI video generation platforms have great news for companies that try to cut costs and improve productivity. Delivering educational content remotely via E-Learning video courses with AI-powered presenters is now simple and clear.

2. Corporate communications videos.

Videos displaying your company’s culture are a great way to showcase the brand’s personality. When using this sort of video marketing, you should shoot videos with your values and principles in mind. These videos build confidence between your company and the general public, especially if they emphasize your mission and ethics.

There are numerous processes making up communication. To address them, some enterprises even hire a corporate communications team. It’s now as easy as pie to turn business presentations into AI videos. You can also include digital presenters in the video content to use in news conferences, product debuts, and interviews. AI video generation platforms make it possible to build effective customer relations and explain your product, features, and other topics.

3. E-commerce videos.

With a modern, clever approach, selling online may be endlessly productive and profitable. Including an AI-generated video review of your product can help you promote it and attract customers. Creating e-commerce videos from text or a link to your product’s landing page has never been easier, all thanks to AI. You can now disregard any professional equipment or relevant skills.

If you want to be certain that you show off what your product can do, involve yourself in the video talking about it. With the custom avatar function, you can effortlessly include yourself in the e-commerce videos. Instead of reshooting each time, there is an opportunity to request a personalized avatar that looks exactly like you.

What makes AI video great for demand generation?

An AI-generated video is a fantastic tool for demand generation. Other means of marketing are unable to help you communicate complicated ideas so concisely. It also allows you to enhance prospect engagement, establish thought leader status, and develop individualized relationships with your leads.

It’s no secret that producing a video takes a long time. Purchasing video equipment, renting stage time, hiring actors, and paying a video editor can all be time-consuming and costly. Marketers need to qualify the most engaged leads as quickly as possible, and this is where AI-powered videos can help.

What if we told you that you could save time spent on creating the videos that generate demand? There’s no need to go to a studio; AI video generation platforms may be used from the comfort of your own office, without downloading any software. In a matter of a few minutes, you can get your videos highly personalized.

How to improve one-to-one marketing with AI videos?

We all know that targeted and relevant outreach to a single person works best. A one-to-one video is an excellent option if you don’t want to send a generic video to everyone. This type of video is most effective when you’re building trust and grabbing your prospect’s attention early in the sales process.

Creating one-to-one videos is a breeze with API. Your users can be addressed by a digital avatar of your choice, which will astound them. You can get fantastic outcomes in very little time and bring customization to a whole new level.

Developing strong personal connections with your customers demonstrates how much the firm values them. However, it’s not always possible to do so consciously with each individual. A custom avatar of a company representative is an excellent solution. A personalized avatar is always camera-ready and may help you promote your brand by communicating with your users.

Why you should convert leads with AI-powered videos?

Your website probably features calls to action asking visitors to join your email list or subscribe to your blog. Simply adding a brief video to these sections of your website can most definitely result in a rise in subscription rates. It is considerably more likely to sign up if your message clearly communicates the value customers will obtain with it.

To close the deal, conversion-focused content should be filled with slick infographics, dynamic text, and photographs or footage of what you’re offering (stock is great, too). Customizing your content for different consumer segments is now straightforward and allows you to reach a far bigger audience who can subsequently be converted into customers.

See what Elai has to offer! Enjoy a number of features that meet all of these requirements: from a large collection of templates and avatars to endless stock photos and videos, there is something for everyone.

Ready to improve your marketing with AI-generated videos? Elai is here to help!

AI video generation is increasingly influencing the internet, and it’s critical to stay current in order to keep your marketing competitive with the rest of the globe. With all of the advantages at hand, AI can be a useful tool in video marketing strategy.

Are you worried about how your customers may react? Nonhuman faces may appear unsettling at first, but AI video generation platforms have advanced significantly. Accepting modern technology is an opportunity for you and your clients once you get beyond your resistance.

Sign up to Elai today and begin integrating AI-generated videos into your marketing campaign right away!

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