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How to Create Stunning AI Marketing Videos

As of 2022, no one can underestimate the power of videos. They are extremely successful in communicating messages to big groups of people. With so many people watching videos on social media, it can be hard to get your point across with just text.

The process of video creation, on the other hand, can be tough and time-consuming. You’ll need to put together a team, buy high-quality equipment, hire a studio, and so on. All of these might lead to astronomical expenses for your company.

As AI technology progresses, there are new possibilities to generate videos without the need for cameras or actors. Continue reading to see how Elai may help you improve customer engagement with AI marketing videos.

What is AI video?

To begin, you must first understand AI. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as a computer system capable of executing tasks traditionally associated with human cognition.

It is based on machine learning and employs self-learning algorithms. Modern AI systems have access to a lot of data since the more data an algorithm has, the better it can do its tasks. 

Video content made by an artificial intelligence system includes a human-like avatar that reads your words in a lifelike voice. Using real people in your AI marketing videos will help viewers better grasp the message and engage with the content you present.

Why is AI marketing video important?

The world of internet content is shifting toward video. This is where you need to be in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts on the internet and social media.

Here are some reasons why marketers should use videos:

People stop to watch videos

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s critical to grab the attention of your audience right away. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to consume the information you’re providing. When compared to a large block of text, a video is a much more effective technique for catching someone’s interest. In fact, 83% of people would rather watch a video than read some information.

Consumers decide through videos

The easiest approach to figure out if a product is right for you is to see how someone else uses it.  When it comes to making a purchase, nothing beats seeing a product in action through a video. Because of this, there is an increased likelihood that customers will purchase a product after seeing an AI marketing video about it.

Users share videos often

Social media is a strong tool that allows anyone to watch and share content quickly. A simple share button makes it easy for consumers to send their friends’ videos. They spread like wildfire and get a lot of attention. Every company and marketer’s ultimate objective is to go viral or to reach millions of prospective customers, and this is where AI marketing video can help.

How is AI used in marketing?

Using AI in marketing videos requires an awareness of how to utilize them most effectively as part of your toolbox. The ability to make them faster and with more personalized content would be great for many different goals and audiences.

There is an abundance of AI marketing videos. The list goes on and on, from demos of your product to explainers. Some other topics you can consider turning into videos include:

1. Corporate communications.

It’s a terrific way to reflect your company’s culture and show off the personality of your business. These videos increase the public’s trust in your organization, especially if they stress your goal and principles.

AI video generation platforms offer a wide range of digital presenters to participate in product demos. This makes it possible to establish effective customer relations and explain your product.

2. E-Commerce.

Selling online may be endlessly profitable and successful with a modern, creative strategy. It has never been easier to make e-commerce ads than it is now. All because of the advancements in AI video generation platforms that allow creating a video just from text or a link to your product’s landing page

If you want to demonstrate the capabilities of your product, appear in the video yourself. Instead of having to reshoot each time, you may request a personalized avatar and use it in your AI marketing videos right away.

3. Emailers.

People generally unsubscribe from mailing lists because they don’t want to read long emails. They are more willing to open a video to watch and understand the message.

Astound your viewers by addressing them directly as a digital avatar in your AI marketing videos. You can request a custom avatar to use in your outreach campaign, which can help you market your brand more effectively.

What are the benefits of using AI marketing videos?

Video creation, whether done by a person or with the assistance of a tool, produces some of the most compelling content available to marketers today. Consumers’ decisions and views are frequently influenced by tailored video content since it helps them to learn about a product in a simple and engaging way.

When it comes to implementing AI in marketing videos, there is no right or wrong approach. The benefits are numerous, and the following are just a few:

Time and cost savings

Creating AI marketing videos takes less time than working with an internal team and a videographer. There is no need to travel to a studio location. It’s cheaper than buying equipment, renting stage time, employing a videographer and performers, and paying a video editor.

Personalization to a new level

Video content may now be tailored to specific target audiences. Instead of hiring actors of various ages and races to represent your customer personas, you could use an AI video solution to apply the same script to different avatars. In far less time, your AI marketing videos might appear highly personalized.

Improved converson and recall

Conversion-oriented material should appear sleek and professional. From a large library of templates and avatars to an endless amount of stock photos and clips, AI video creators have it all. Customizing your content for various consumer categories is now simple, allowing you to reach a far larger audience who can then be turned into customers.

Just the right presenters

AI marketing videos with speakers are not only more entertaining, but they also work better. It is important to include people in your videos since our brains are wired to identify faces. This helps us better understand the message and connect with it. Additionally, the AI avatar’s ability to speak in a variety of languages makes it useful to clients throughout the world.

Spread more information

You can get a lot more information through the video in a way that your target audience can easily comprehend. This will help your content expand faster and attract more people. Make your AI marketing videos simple to understand for someone who is unfamiliar with your product or service. Being informative without going into too much detail is a thin line to walk, but it will make your video more viral.

Start using Elai to create AI marketing videos

Technologies have improved the marketing team’s efficiency and effectiveness by making their work easier and more straightforward. The modern era needs fast information and content since decision-making has also evolved.

Keeping current with the rest of the marketing industry means adopting new mediums. With so many benefits, artificial intelligence may be a valuable technology in video marketing strategy.

If you’re thrilled to use AI video to reach customers, Elai can help. Sign up now to boost your marketing campaign right away!

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