Product explainer video

Product explainer videos: Sales through the roof

The reality of sales is that just having a great product is never enough to get the desired result. The need to reach out and communicate, finding ways to present the product in all its greatness… Well, those are crucial.
When I think about it, it seems to me that the key is being masterfully open and vocal about yourself and your makings and letting the world see and decide whether to cross paths with you or not.
Because all in all, it boils down to growth and courage: not being afraid to push limits, think outside the box, and be sure that every product has its audience.

And, of course, that audience needs to be found and reached.

The world nowadays is fast and impatient. The rhythm of our lives does not give us much time to stop and figure everything out ourselves.

The product description is not clear? Customer lost.
The product description is way too long? Customer lost.
The needed information is just all over the place? Customer lost.

You see the pattern.

And it may sound harsh, but so is the reality of the market – and we have nothing to do but to obey it, play along and make the best experience out of the existent order.

Conclusion: it is critical to choose the correct format for a Product Explainer.

A video, of course, is an excellent choice.

A video lets the potential customer pull back for a minute, relax and receive information. No straining, no additional brain work. All the explaining is delivered in an engaging matter.

The great news is that renting a pricy studio is not the only way to go. Our platform lets anyone create a Product Explainer Video with a digital presenter just from text, straight from their PC.

A video with a digital presenter lets you benefit from the human presence without taking the attention away from the product. The way our brain works is interesting: we tend to focus better if there is another person. Why not consider this knowledge?

Creating a video is not hard work with And we strive to help your sales strategies and experiences be the best they can be.