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Efficient Product Marketing Videos Save the Day

Bringing a product to the market is the easiest thing. Nowadays, we have so many tools and platforms to make a product marketing video that it is just a piece of cake.

…I got you, right?

The truth about product marketing

Now, product marketing can be challenging. There is so much to know about marketing itself, the product, and sales! Of course, it also takes a skillful expert to combine all of these bits of knowledge masterfully.

Understanding the customer may be the most difficult part because of the human factor. It is not a product that you can study, not a strategy you can build; it is the understanding of many tiny and not-so-tiny details that make up the human psyche of the particular niche. The pain points, the needs, and the desires.

How can videos help?

All of the factors can come in handy for any product marketing expert. Of course, these characteristics and presenting the product are connected, almost intervened.

And something that applies to any auditory is that it is important to be able to catch people’s attention. And what is the best way to do this than with a video? A product marketing video, to be precise.

What is a product marketing video?

This type of video showcases the features and functioning of your product. It’s a great method to spread the word about your company. Animated product marketing videos may be used to promote both physical products and services.

Establishing trust and credibility with potential customers is the key aim. And that’s precisely what an effective product marketing video accomplishes. It should accomplish two things: inform and entice potential customers to learn more about your business.

3 major kinds of product marketing videos

When it comes to creating a product marketing video, you now have three key options to select from. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these in order to have a better understanding.

Explainer video

It’s a great way to explain what your product does. In the best possible light, they describe what it does and how it may benefit the user. If you want to encourage customers to buy something, you’ll need to employ this kind.

Teaser video

In television, teasers are the most popular kind of commercial. Invoking love, desire, and even hunger in the minds of their viewers, these product marketing videos appeal to the audience’s emotions.

Demonstration video

It is based more on demonstrating how a product works than attempting to persuade people to buy it. Using this type of video, people may learn how to use the product or service for a specific use or solve a specific problem step-by-step.

Five pointers for making a product marketing video

It’s not always easy to make any kind of video, especially if you’re just starting out. In order to help you design, create, and distribute your next product marketing video, we’ve gathered five professional tips.

1. Begin with a narrative

There is a general rule that applies to all forms of media. Always aim to tell a story. As long as you keep your focus on the appropriate perspective, even teasers with no narrative may express it.

2. Include branding

Building your brand is critical to the success of every product marketing video you make. Every aspect of the campaign — from the narrative to the images to the overall tone and voice — should emphasize this point.

3. Speak with the customer

It’s critical to establish an emotional connection with your audience. There is nothing wrong with informal storytelling even if you are selling a serious product. Connecting with someone on the other side of the screen is still essential.

4. Play around with visuals

You need to be creative with your images in order to make a video that is both attractive and engaging. In order to be fresh and innovative, it’s crucial not to get stuck on the same old product style.

5. Keep a call to action in mind

Regardless of the type of product marketing video you create, it must have a call to action (CTA) at some point. Without it, your video won’t accomplish its intended purpose.

Create engaging product marketing videos with

Product marketing videos are easily the most engaging online format a person can think of. Moreover, having a human in the video works extremely well, as the viewer subconsciously will pay more attention to the content where another human is present.

In such a case,’s platform can be helpful as it lets anyone create a video just from text with a human presenter. You can say “bye-bye” to renting costly studios, hiring actors, and start creating videos from your office today.

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