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Marketing Videos For Social Media: Way to Success

As long as you have access to the Internet, you can put yourself out there and become prominent through social media. This may be done using photos and words, as many others have done before you as well. However, in this day and age, video is the most powerful tool for self-promotion. “Video is king,” rather than “content is king,” has become the new catchphrase.

So, you’ve decided to try video marketing, but where do you begin? Are there specific kinds of videos you should make to advertise your company? If you don’t have any video editing experience, how to make marketing videos for social media without spending a fortune?

In this piece, I’ll explain to you how to get started with generating social media videos for your business.

marketing videos for social media

Ideas for social media videos: where do you get them?

What makes video production seem like a hard undertaking is coming up with decent ideas for videos in the first place, as well as the actual creation (and making sure they seem good enough – or rather, fantastic!).

To help you create exceptional video ideas for your marketing videos for social media, consider the following excellent advice:

  • Observe successful blog postings.

If you run a blog, check your web statistics to determine which posts are the most popular. These high-performing videos might serve as inspiration. You may want them as fuel for a video by concentrating on a particular feature, or you can use the entire blog post as a starting point for a video. 

  • Investigate your competitors.

On social media, what kinds of videos do your rivals post? Which are the most effective? While you shouldn’t plagiarize, you may obtain ideas for your own video and get a better sense of what sorts of videos perform well on social media by looking at what others have done.

  • Interviews and promotional videos.

Video interviews with people who are experts in your field or who have something interesting to say may be a great way to engage your audience. You may also utilize video to market your products on social media sites. As an example, build brief product tutorials or teasers for future projects.

3 easy tools for making social media videos

In order to produce high-quality marketing videos for social media on a regular basis, you’ll need a few tools. Here, I’ll discuss several video production resources that feature stock footage that you can use, as well as valuable tools to assist you to edit your videos. an online video editor and stock footage library

Because was developed with social media video in mind, it has more than 30 distinct formats that you can easily scale. Use your own videos and edit them with the program, or add video footage from their stock selection if that’s more your style.

In the editing studio, things are simple: zoom in and out of your video, cut video clips and add subtitles to each screen. As an added bonus, you may watermark and style your videos so that they can be shared on your social media accounts of choice.

Vyond: for animated videos of all kinds

Vyond is another nice alternative, although it’s only for generating animated videos. No, you don’t need any animation skills for working with this video editor. Even though there are so many layouts and animations you may utilize, it’s surprisingly simple to use because the effort is little.

There are a wide variety of features and characters that you may choose from in order to design your video. Select a character from the list of available characters, decide on their appearance, and then pick the acts they will do in the scenes.

Elai: for AI videos with virtual presenters

It’s also worth checking out Elai if you’re looking for how to make marketing videos for social media that are visually appealing. You don’t need any video editing expertise to generate a great video with an AI avatar delivering your content just from text. For those of you who are concerned about how your video will look on a number of social media platforms, Elai has you covered with a variety of aspect ratios to choose from.

With the goal of reaching an audience, it is important to make your video as relevant as possible. And Elai makes it simple with a wide selection of 20+ AI narrators, including people of various countries, professions, and looks. You may also use any of the 65+ supported languages and a myriad of accents to reach a global audience.

To put it simply: Elai is able to handle the usual pains of any social media tasks, such as writing a ton of content and communicating with clients, better than any other service out there. You have total control over the look and feel of your social media video. In addition to uploading your brand’s logo and fonts, you can also take advantage of the vast library of groovy stock footage.

Social media marketing videos: how to do it right

There are a few considerations to bear in mind while making videos for social media, particularly for a variety of different social networks. Here are a few tips to help you make the greatest social media videos for your video marketing campaigns:

  • Make sure videos are understandable without sound. Since the vast majority of social videos are seen with the sound off, you must ensure that your message can be clearly understood even without any sound.
  • Ensure brand visibility. Make absolutely sure your company’s name and logo are prominently displayed in all of your marketing videos for social media.
  • Make short videos. Longer videos can be effective on social media only in some situations. But in most cases, a shorter option is more efficient (60-90 seconds or less).
  • Embrace calls to action. Using this method, you may motivate viewers to take action, which is very useful when using promotional and marketing videos.
  • Always optimize videos for social networks. Posting the same video to several social media accounts is rare. To assure your videos perform well on several platforms, experiment with alternative formats and materials.

How to make marketing videos for social media: 3 easy steps

If you want to truly enhance your social media presence, you may want to start using video marketing to do it. This approach has been figured out, so you may learn from the successes and failures of others who came before you to include video into your overall marketing plan and anticipate results.

Using video marketing, you may increase your social media presence in three easy steps:

Step 1: Create an engaging video.

There’s no excuse not to try video when it’s such a strong medium. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of experience in video production because generating videos is so simple nowadays. The content is more significant to most viewers than the quality of the production.

But first, you need to think up something interesting that others will be interested in watching. People enjoy videos that are both useful and amusing, and they choose presenters that are kind and can communicate clearly. Everything is OK as long as you can create a sense of calm in the video.

Step 2: Make your videos easily accessible.

It’s not a surprise that YouTube has a strong focus on search engine optimization. In order for your video to show up in YouTube and Google search results, you’ll want to choose a title that is both descriptive and catchy.

Start the video description out with a link to your website or Facebook page, if you have one. As a final step, you write a lengthy blog post-like summary of the video. Make sure to include all of your most important links, such as your social network accounts, affiliate links, etc.

Step 3: Distribute the video on social media.

You shouldn’t rely just on search engine traffic; that’s a waste of time. You need to post your videos on social media to get them seen by the right people. Facebook makes it really open and intimate. Instagram gives you the opportunity to use a visual cue to entice people to watch your video. Twitter is a place where people can interact with one another. 

If you expect thousands of views on your first video, you’re going to be disappointed; it doesn’t even work like that. Even with video’s immense potential, success still needs a significant amount of commitment and perseverance. Consistency is crucial here, and you should begin to see results after a time of constant uploading and promotion of videos.

Start creating marketing videos for social media with Elai today

Video marketing on social media is a powerful tool that may help businesses achieve their goals and interact with their customers. Having read this guide, you’ve learned all you need to know about how to make marketing videos for social media. These pointers can help you stand out from the crowd in the increasingly cluttered digital arena.

When it comes to making social media videos, getting started isn’t as tough as it may initially appear. Even if you never shoot anything yourself, you can still produce high-quality marketing videos.

Elai is a deep-tech startup company that brings together tech enthusiasts from all around the world. Creating marketing videos for social media is simple with our support.

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