Make E-Learning a Natural Pleasure Using AI Videos

It is believed that Aristotle once said: “To learn is a natural pleasure, not confined to philosophers, but common to all men.” However, it appears that in modernity, when we are overwhelmed by the amount of information available and its accessibility, we may lose the pleasure of education.

E-learning appeared to be a watershed moment in the history of education. The classroom is no longer the only place where people can learn. These days, people want and need the freedom and adaptability to learn whenever and however they want. It was a brilliant idea to put technology to good use. However, is it the best that it can be?

Why not take it a step further and make e-learning AI videos? In this article, you’ll find out how Elai.io can help you bring variety to the educational approach and scale your video courses in no time.

Easy for everyone

There is absolutely no excuse for not creating videos for e-learning in this day and age. However, it can be difficult to delegate video production to another person. “What if they make a mistake? What if they mislead us?” There is no end to the “What if’s” we can create. They are like the “Yeah, but’s” that keep us from getting things done. However, there are times when we simply have to act. Act to get the education and people what they need.

When it comes to video production, what if you could do it all yourself? There are no hassles of complexity when you use Elai to create fascinating e-learning AI videos accessible right from your browser. Cameras, lights, and microphones will not be necessary. We offer so many options that anyone can create a high-quality course.

Text, images, and videos, as well as shapes, templates, and Lottie animations, can all be added and customized. Include a suitable royalty-free track or your own music to make your video even better. It’s also possible to turn the presentations you used in class into AI videos. These easy-to-use tools can make your video look more polished and professional. Video editing becomes as simple as changing a lightbulb.

Save time & cash

Traditionally, course creation has been one of the most time-consuming and expensive tasks for subject matter experts and professionals. There is a lot to consider, from the length of the shoot to the cost, from the choice of location to the probability of retakes. Fortunately, AI in e-learning allows for a much easier, faster, cheaper, and more agile course design process without sacrificing quality.

Creating large amounts of the course content has become a regular source of frustration. E-learning AI video content saves a lot of time and money thanks to the use of up to 20 virtual presenters. Simply select the avatar of your choice and insert it into your video without the use of film crews, studios, actors, or cameras.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the course’s teacher had a custom avatar? With no difficulty, you can build one. Think of the possibilities: you record your presenter only once in a studio, and then have them read any script simply by typing it into the text area of the builder. Just send us a request, and we will provide you with all of the information needed to make a custom avatar. Creating a professional video is that simple and quick!

Get rid of language barriers

Creating and translating e-learning videos is not an easy task, given the amount of content to be produced and the need to make it available in multiple languages. If you’re an e-learning company looking to expand internationally, this could be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. That means you’ll have to focus on a smaller number of customers, which isn’t ideal for a business seeking to grow.

The e-learning development process is being streamlined thanks to the localization feature powered by AI. Educators all over the world can now benefit from multilingual content developed by global e-learning corporations. When a project calls for content to be available in multiple languages, companies can speed up the development process by reducing the time spent on localization.

As if each language were recorded specifically for its target audience, you can now create a single video in many languages. Simply write or paste your content in; there is no need for your narration as Elai supports more than 65 languages. In addition, you can use our AI Dubbing solution to translate videos that already exist. Help your students overcome language barriers by using native video content.

Make your course unique

Nowadays, people expect personalized service. A brilliant way of customizing your e-learning courses may be taking the advantage of Application Programming Interface (API), a set of programming code allowing two applications to talk to each other. This technology makes it easy to create a wide range of personalized videos where you speak directly to a student or a group without having to edit each video individually.

API integration with your LMS system is also possible, as we demonstrated with Thinkific LMS. Our builder allows users to create amazing e-learning AI videos that can then be integrated into a Thinkific course. You can make the course more personalized by including a student’s name in the content or by creating new sections that are focused on a specific topic. The result is content that is fully adapted to the learner.

One-size-fits-all approaches are not what students want. They prefer content that is tailored to their specific needs. Using Elai, you can create unique scenarios for your courses that are customized to a certain audience. Forget about spending hours or days recreating scenes.

Use video to your advantage

The world is changing, and videos are the way to go. They are still one of the most effective ways to engage students in the learning process. Videos are inexpensive, easy to make, and, most importantly, they pique the learner’s interest. You can improve your students’ learning outcomes by involving them in an active storytelling process and using more visually appealing communication methods.

Looking for a way to make learning interesting and fun for your students? Look no further. The use of e-learning AI videos can enhance the learning experience for your audience. As an educator, you have the chance to better student comprehension of difficult material as well as increase viewer interest. This is where video outperforms some older methods, which are largely ineffective.

What if your institution was known for creating some of the most interesting, inventive, and enjoyable e-learning content? What impact would that have on your current situation? We would be delighted to collaborate with you to give your course content a fresh perspective. With the right tools and features, you can quickly and easily boost the quality of your educational videos.

Scale e-learning courses with Elai

Thanks to technology, we can be more creative than ever. People and businesses can build personalized e-learning videos using AI and make them available on a large scale. This saves both teachers’ and learners’ time, so they can work on more important things. In addition, students will be better engaged and more interested in learning, leading to better results and greater productivity.

Although times change, our thirst for knowledge does not. We believe that AI videos will make learning a natural pleasure again. With Elai.io’s wide array of tools, everyone can generate a good-looking educational video that can be translated into 65+ languages, making any course instantly accessible to more students. 

Sign up and modernize your e-learning courses with Elai.io today!

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