Make eLearning AI Videos

Make eLearning a natural pleasure Using AI Videos

It is believed that Aristotle once said: “To learn is a natural pleasure, not confined to philosophers, but common to all men.” However, it seems like in modernity, when we are overwhelmed with the amount of information and its availability, we might lose the pleasure of education.

eLearning seemed to be a turning point in the educational approach. Putting technology to good use was a brilliant idea. However, is it the best it can be?

Why not take a step further and use AI Videos for eLearning courses? Such a solution will not only be a pleasure for students since they get videos with a human presenter but to the course organizers as well, as our solution saves you tons of time and money. Do you want a custom avatar of the course’s teacher? You can create one, no problem!

With the help of, any video, no matter how long or short, can be generated in 20+ languages, which makes any course automatically available for more and more students! What is more, you can translate the videos that already exist using our AI Dubbing solution.

Times change, but the human desire for knowledge stays the same. AI Videos will make learning a natural pleasure again.