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Easy Guide to Building a Global Community

The importance of a global community is tremendous. The feeling of belonging, the place where you can come and take a rest. Or people who understand your needs completely. Or even a company.

Here at, we are not afraid to step into the future and facilitate the work and lives of our clients. We truly and passionately believe in our AI technology and the idea of creating localized videos just from text.

What are the benefits of video translation?

Translating videos has several advantages, the most notable of which is an increase in consumer satisfaction. There are three main reasons to take into account the translation of your video content:

1. Speaking to a bigger audience

With global audiences in mind, you have the opportunity to connect with people around the world and experience the full potential of translation. Since non-English speakers account for 89% of all YouTube viewers, attracting non-native English speakers almost ensures a rise in overall exposure to the content.

2. Enhanced accessibility

To ensure that your content is available to many people worldwide, you must learn to translate your video into English. Translation and subtitling are essential if you want your content to be accessible, searchable, and fascinating to a global audience, as more than 5% of the global population has some degree of hearing loss.

3. Creating a sence of belonging for your customers

You are missing out on a lot of potential customers if you are not translating your videos from English to other languages. The very existence of dubbing and subtitles proves the importance of video translation. Show your users that they matter – in a language that is native to them.

What kind of videos to translate?

E-learning videos

The usage of dubbing and subtitling to translate e-learning courses is on the rise. Both technologies, however, have severe drawbacks and degrade video quality dramatically. It may be difficult for certain e-learning companies to produce videos in more than one language if they want to promote their courses in other countries.

Elai may be able to fix many of these issues. A single video may be produced in a variety of languages and presented as though it were custom-made for each target audience. In only a few minutes, AI-generated content may be translated into any language without sacrificing quality.

Marketing videos

If you want your video to be as effective as possible, you’ll need to personalize it to a certain audience or location. Localizing videos, especially those for products, is essential since they will resonate with your target audience far more than any other medium. lets you choose from a broad variety of languages and dialects to create a really unique experience for your customers. Make multilingual e-commerce videos to appeal to a wider audience and expand your worldwide reach.

Breaking news videos

There’s a frenzy of activity in the search for new stories and attention-grabbing headlines. In journalism, the first to report a story gets rewarded. No matter if it’s a viral news video or an eyewitness report, your story should always be the focus of attention.

Video clips generated with Elai builder may be used to respond to events and crises more quickly than news networks. With support for over 65 languages, you’ll be able to broadcast your news videos throughout the world with ease.

Expand your global community with

We are here for you to make your lives and jobs easier. And we believe that one day we will have a global community that loves this AI solution as much as we do. An amazing progressive community.

We are a global team ourselves, united by one vision. The distance and time zones are not something that can keep us away from working towards our goal.

We would love to meet you. Get to know you. Take the hard work off your hands and show you how easy it can be with the help of AI.

Become a part of the community today! We are always happy to hear your requests.

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