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10 Awesome Benefits of Video Marketing With AI

In marketing, it’s common to be a “jack of all trades.” You’re in charge of everything, from product marketing to content production, social media postings to event presence, and even sales.

So, what’s the point of adding video marketing to the mix? The reality is that there is a TON of benefits of video marketing.

Let us show you how videos may benefit your business and save you money and effort in the long run. Here are ten reasons why you should care about videos.

What is video marketing?

A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. For a video, double that by a thousand times. That is the foundation and one of the main benefits of video marketing, a compelling kind of marketing that effectively engages your customers.

Video marketing is the practice of utilizing videos to promote and spread the word about your business. Digital and social media engagement goes up when you use this tactic since it informs and enlightens your target audience in new ways.

Why is video marketing important?

As a small business owner, you may still be skeptical about the usefulness of the video for your company. Here are some statistics to help you make up your mind. 

Enterprises of all sorts, including startups and small businesses, are increasingly using video in their marketing efforts. The Renderforest Survey revealed that videos helped businesses grow their:

  • Sales – 34%;
  • Traffic – 51%;
  • Brand awareness – 70%.

Aren’t the results stunning? Popularity comes from the ability to connect with customers and prospects on a variety of social media channels.

Learn more about the benefits of video marketing by reading on.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Is there a good reason to incorporate videos in your marketing campaigns? Yes, and there are at least ten benefits of video marketing! Keep reading to learn why you need to begin investing in video now.

1. Give the customers what they want.

Watching videos, TV shows, and movies are the top online activity for 51.7% of people in the world, aged 16 to 64. In addition, 86% of consumers say they want to see more video content from companies. It’s safe to say that video content is your audience’s preferred method of consumption. Given that, why not satisfy the public’s desires?

2. Profit from the low entry barrier.

Many companies believe that video marketing is prohibitively expensive. And that getting started with video marketing requires a slew of specialized tools. All of that turns out to be a myth. Even a simple tool like might be all you need to get started.

3. Get more out of your money.

As much as 40% of buyers say that video boosts their likelihood of purchasing a product. Also, companies that employ video are increasing revenue 49% faster than those that do not. Even if the stats speak for themselves, we’ll still say it: Video is key.

4. Maintain your online presence.

With the use of social media feeds, consumers can easily find and consume the content they want. In 2020, 93% of companies gained a new client as a result of a video they posted on social media. If you can get your audience to pause mid-scroll and interact with your video, you’ve increased your reach. So, if you’re trying to be seen on social media, video is the fastest way.

5. Join the second-largest search engine.

Since it has more than a billion active users, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world. You’d best be there since that’s where your prospective customers are searching. On YouTube, “How-to” searches are among the most popular, making educational material a strategic potential.

6. Improve your search rankings.

While YouTube is the second search engine, Google is at the top. According to their search algorithm, websites with videos are more likely to appear high in organic search results. It’s worth the work, especially considering 75% of people don’t even get to the second page!

7. Boost conversion rates.

Using video on a website doubles the number of people who convert. Almost 90% of salespeople say they rely on video-watching statistics to identify leads, attract prospects, and influence purchases. Your website is in desperate need of a video player.

8. Befriend your audience.

To foster a genuine relationship with your customers, consider having your company’s staff appear in videos. It only takes three clicks to make and share these videos using free video production platforms like Get your CEO a custom avatar and you are good to go!

9. Increase email click-throughs.

It’s possible to get three times as many answers by using video for outreach. Include a thumbnail of the video in the body of the email that users may click to access the video on your website. You may even have the player autoplay for the lesser clicks.

10. Improve product understanding. 

If you want your audience to buy from you, you need to make sure they grasp your message. Since internet visitors are 64 to 85% more inclined to buy after seeing product videos, you’re in luck. An explainer video is a great way to demonstrate to potential clients what you’re offering and how it solves their problems.

How to get started?

Businesses are increasingly relying on video content to interact with their consumers as network speeds improve. Many companies, including your rivals, make extensive use of video to engage their target audiences.

Video marketing is the content strategy of the future, and it’s what your audience expects from you in the present. The sooner you start making videos, the higher your chances of long-term success.

Elai is a deep-tech startup that brings together tech enthusiasts from across the world. Make maximum use of benefits of video marketing with our help.

Three video examples to boost your marketing

Here are a few samples of video content you may use as a jumping-off point for your own creativity.

  • Testimonials from satisfied customers. It is important for your clients to know that your product is the best fit for their requirements. In addition to displaying your products, this form of video marketing may assist develop trust in your company as well.
  • Demos that showcase your product. They’re a series of short, informative videos that demonstrate the operation of your product or service in detail. The best way to get people to buy your product or service is by emphasizing all of its important features and including a call-to-action.
  • How-to and educational videos. Video tutorials are a great method to learn new skills since they take you step-by-step through the process of doing the action being shown onscreen.

Taking everything into account

The benefits of video marketing are numerous, from raising sales to increasing brand awareness to improving conversion rates. Keep in mind that it’s not only videos that will help your business expand; it’s also how you utilize them. 

Making videos for your business doesn’t have to be as difficult or expensive as you would expect. With a little forethought and a dash of imagination, you can produce marketing videos that will leave your viewers in awe.

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