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Are Explainer Videos Effective? 5 Great Reasons

The cost of video production has come down in recent years, making it more accessible than ever for businesses to reach out to target audiences. According to Hubspot, video was the number one format companies used in their content strategy in 2021. 

But, with a wide range of tools available, how to ensure that a company’s content stands out? Explainer videos are great for coping with this challenge. They enable clear communication and fast knowledge sharing. 

In this article, we will discuss how to create a memorable explanatory video that will help render your message effectively.

What is an explainer video?

It is a short, animated video that breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized chunks of information. These advantages make them ideal for those who want to learn about a topic but do not have the time or patience to sit through a lengthy lecture or read a dense textbook. In addition, companies often use this type of video to expand knowledge of their products or services and motivate the target audience to take action. 

Explanatory videos also showcase a company’s brand and help build trust with potential customers. They are typically 2-5 minutes long and can be shared on websites, social media platforms, or email marketing campaigns. 

Why explainer videos are effective?

Explainer videos provide viewers with relevant content that can bring value in the long run. As their primary purpose concerns knowledge sharing, they allow for bridging the communication gap and creating a sense of community. 

Below are some of the reasons how creating an explanatory video can meld the ice and cultivate a more productive communication with both employees and customers:

  1. Quickly and easily explain a concept or an idea. Explanatory videos are the perfect format for taking complex topics and breaking them down into simple, easy-to-understand terms. This characteristic makes them ideal for explaining complex concepts to those who are new to the subject.
  2. Show how a product or service works. This is especially useful for businesses that offer complex products or services that may be difficult for customers to grasp fully. By creating a short video that demonstrates how the product or service works, businesses can give their customers the information they need to make an informed purchase decision and benefit from it in the future.
  3. Appeal to both logic and emotion. When created with a personal touch, explainer videos can instruct and evoke feelings, making the communication more rewarding for every party involved. Going beyond knowledge sharing, they can create a sense of trust and credibility in the target audience.
  4. Address relatable examples. If you strive to deliver high-quality content, explanatory videos empower you to support your message with innovative ideas and relevant examples. Share your experience or address crucial issues to strengthen your content and see the difference in communication with others.
  5. Establish a sense of community. Whether your company reaches out to its clients or employees, explainer videos serve as a platform for deeper and more productive engagement with the chosen topic. By strengthening your community, you can also nurture an environment focused on cooperation and creativity.

As a result, creating an explainer is a quick and budget-friendly way to build productive communication with the audience. This is why explainer videos are effective at rendering the message clearly and succinctly.

What are the benefits of explainer videos?

If your company strives to transform the customer journey, explanatory videos can bring a much-needed change in communication with clients. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of this video format:

  • Increased brand awareness and name recognition. A well-made explainer video can help introduce your brand to a broader audience and ensure that your name is front and center when potential customers are searching for products or services in your industry.
  • Higher conversion. Explainers are designed to engage viewers and hold their attention long enough to explain complex concepts or products in an easily digestible way. By nature, they are also highly effective at driving conversions, whether that means getting a user to sign up for your email list, download a white paper, or make a purchase.
  • Improved search visibility. In addition to increasing brand awareness, an explainer video can also help improve your website’s search engine optimization by attracting inbound links and boosting your click-through rate.
  • Enhanced social media engagement. A great explainer can also be used as social media content, posted on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to drive traffic back to your website and increase engagement.
  • Greater Return on Investment (ROI). Because of their high engagement and conversion rates, as well as their potential to drive traffic and social media engagement, explainers tend to have a high ROI.

As an easy-to-use tool, an explanatory video can bring real value to your customers while serving as a platform for further knowledge sharing.

How to make a great explainer video?

Tapping into the full potential of explainers is easy! For example, you can create explanatory customized videos with a presenter using a text-to-video platform. A simple click is all it takes to generate a video with 69 languages available for translation with the help of Elai’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) video generator. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly build a great explainer video.

  1. Select your virtual presenter. With Elai, you can choose from a wide range of digital avatars that will embody the message you are trying to convey. No need for special equipment!
  2. Add slides and text. At this stage, you can customize your explanatory video and convert a script into speech. All backgrounds, text, and screencasts are designed to fit the speech text perfectly.
  3. Generate and share your AI-enabled explainer video. After ensuring that your video has the right text, visuals, infographics, and animations, you can easily upload it to your social media accounts.

It should be noted that a great explainer is one that informs and entertains the viewer while also delivering a clear message. To make a great explanatory video, start by identifying the key points you want to communicate. 

Once you know what you want to say, find an engaging way to say it. Use visuals, music, and narration to bring your explainer video to life. Finally, test your video with your target audience to ensure it resonates with them. 

By following these steps, you can create a great explainer that will effectively communicate your message. That’s why an explainer video is important if your company wants to ensure a tailor-made approach to its client.

All things considered

A great explanatory video is all about taking a complex topic and breaking it down into manageable chunks that are easy for your audience to understand. 

By keeping your video short and focused, you can help your viewers learn about your topic in an engaging and informative way. With a little creativity and careful planning, you can create a great explainer video that will leave your audience wanting to learn more.

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