how to make a custom avatar

How to Make a Custom Avatar: Best Practices

Looking for a quick way to make an avatar of yourself or a member of your team? If you could film yourself in front of a camera and create endless videos in any language out of this footage, would you do that?

custom avatar is revolutionary for any business. You already know how useful AI videos are, and personalized avatars are the next step forward. Take advantage of Elai’s avatar builder without putting in any effort on your part.

Learn how to make a custom avatar for your videos and build a strong brand by reading this article! 

What is a personalized avatar?

Elai’s talking avatar is a digital yet photo-realistic replica of a real person. This AI-powered avatar is based on the video footage that you provide. It’s easy to use, and much like the other Elai avatars, it enables you easily insert yourself into videos.

Would it be possible to create an avatar for one of your teammates? Custom avatars require the person’s explicit consent, therefore yes, it is possible to create one for them. The video footage you provide is carefully screened and vetted by our staff before being made available for your personal use on the platform.

Benefits of creating a talking avatar for your videos

Save yourself money and time

Businesses typically shoot their videos in a studio and then edit them over the course of several days. However, releasing a video quickly and getting it out into the world is sometimes necessary. This is when you need a personalized avatar the most. You may save a lot of time and money by just typing what you want to say and then creating a quick video using your avatar.

With, you can make many videos in minutes with a custom avatar and then edit them without having to reshoot. All you have to do to get started is record a video of yourself speaking and submit it to us. Elai will take care of the rest!

Develop a powerful brand

Talking avatars not only save you time and money, but they may also better represent your brand to clients. Moreover, it’s easier for your intended audience members to relate to them. So, why not make a personalized avatar of your CEO and improve your customer relations?

As a bonus, an avatar may be used to instantly inject some personality into your company video content. Creating a talking avatar of your company’s representative is the best way to establish your brand’s distinct look and feel on the web.

Always flexible & camera-ready

A custom avatar is always ready to go and might be utilized in any high-quality material. Videos for sales, marketing, and all other types of business need human faces, so avatars are the right solution.

If you like, you may even have your avatar talk in Chinese, Arabic, or any other language in the videos. In fact, there are more than 65 languages to choose from when it comes to internationalizing your video material. Make your avatar be able to communicate in any language and with anybody around the globe, all thanks to Elai.

How to make a custom avatar for video: Elai step-by-step guide

As strange as it may seem, this procedure is not difficult at all because the Elai team will perform most of the work for you. All you need to make your own avatar is a few minutes of your precious time.

To ensure a quality product, please follow the steps outlined below. The quality of the video you provide will have a direct impact on the quality of your custom presenter.

Step 1: Get ready for the footage.

Make a reservation for a studio with a high-quality camera and a green screen. Having a basic one-color background that contrasts with your clothing and hair is great too.

Check to see whether your hair is covering your face. There will be no changes to your footage in terms of clothes, hairstyles, or makeup. Later on, we won’t be able to make any adjustments. As a result, please record yourself in the outfit that will work for the majority of your videos.

Step 2: Comply with technical requirements.

For best results, choose a camera capable of recording in 1080p Full HD or higher resolution and with a frame rate of 30 fps. High-quality footage relies heavily on well-placed lighting. It is worthwhile to hire experienced operators and lighting services, or at the very least to adhere to lighting best practices such as 3-point lights. 

It’s essential to have good audio. Speech should be audible, without any unnecessary noise. To get the best sound quality when recording, go for a high-end professional microphone. As a way to save time in the studio, consider rehearsing beforehand.

Step 3: Get your speech in tip-top shape.

Record at least 3 uninterrupted speeches, each one minute long. All eyes must be fixed squarely on the camera during the whole video. Pause for 2-4 seconds during the speech and at the end of the speech. Ideally, there should be at least five breaks in each of them. Also, keep your mouth closed during the pauses.

Any text, in any language, may be used; what matters most is how you deliver it. Act as though you’re giving a public speech or shooting a regular video. Your motions should be genuine, you can even employ a few gestures and facial movements if you want to. Relax and be yourself. Your avatar will perform precisely as you do.

Step 4: Elai begins the magic!

The tech team gets to work as soon as you send your footage. Our sophisticated and well-trained AI model takes the necessary data from the video and easily transforms it into an avatar.

You will be sent samples of the finalized custom avatar for your approval before becoming available to you. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll include any and all of your suggestions into a new design of the avatar that’s tailor-made for you. Afterward, your personalized avatar will be accessible only to you via the Elai builder.

Step 5: Give your avatar a voice.

Now that we’ve generated your avatar and you can see it in the builder, just define the script and customize the rest of the video. When you click “Render,” you’ll see a video of your avatar reading the script in your own voice. Yes, you may record your speech, and the digital replica of you will be able to narrate it!

For the time being, you can use the Elai builder to add your own voice recording to the avatar. Users of our Basic and Advanced Plan can use this function without any additional fees. We also provide a wide selection of human-synthetic voices in 69 languages (with many more regional accents!).

Get started with custom avatars by Elai

Using cutting-edge technologies to produce video content sets a company apart. Even better, when it is supported by your own unique avatar. Create videos for marketing, training, and onboarding with your company’s representative to strengthen your brand.

Finally, you can produce videos without having to record yourself and worry about your video and audio equipment or your presentation skills, all thanks to Elai.

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