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How to Make an Explainer Video: 5 Simple Hacks

As more and more people take on the role of content creation, the internet has become overrun with information and ideas. However, making new content that’s both useful and interesting is becoming more difficult all the time.

It should be simple to create a high-quality video for your website, product page, or social media campaign. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re just beginning to look into explainer videos for your company.

We’ll go over all you need to know about explanatory videos, how you can put them to use for your brand, and especially how to make an explainer video in this article.

To begin, what’s an explainer video?

If you’re trying to explain a concept, service, or idea to your audience, this type of video is a good option. It’s as if it takes your product and reduces it down into its most basic components, laying out why consumers should care. Because of this, explanation videos are a must-have in the marketing toolset of every savvy marketer.

Explainer videos are typically between thirty seconds and two minutes long. They appear on landing sites, in emails, and increasingly frequently, in YouTube advertisements. Even if it sounds complicated, we’ll break it down step by step in the following paragraphs to make it easier to understand.

What are the advantages?

The power of video is undeniable, but explainers are a particularly potent tool for connecting with your audience, which benefits your business as well as the people who watch them.

1) They are easier to digest.

Video works because it activates the brain’s processing areas. Everything comes down to Allan Paivio’s Dual-Coding Theory in 1971. The main idea is that information is easier to understand and remember when it is presented using both visual and audio channels.

2) Explainer videos save time and money.

This kind of video frees up resources while ensuring that the message is consistent. Video has been proven to lower the number of support calls by 43%, according to Wyzowl’s survey of marketers. It’s a win-win situation for both your employees and your clients.

3) Video provides a strong ROI.

If you’re looking to boost your content marketing efforts, video is a powerful tool you should be utilizing more often. Most marketers, according to Wyzowl, claim video helps them boost the time consumers spend on their website, create more leads and help customers better understand the product.

How much does it cost to make an explainer video?

A good explanatory video may be produced on a little budget. Let’s take a step back before you pass your project over to a third-party company. Maybe you might think about creating it yourself in order to save money.

With that in mind, I’ve outlined the pros and cons of each common approach to creating an explainer.

Hire an external agency

Pros: The greatest explanation videos are created by video production businesses, which have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to do so. When you deal with a good company, they’ll help you create a video that’s precisely the way you want it.

Cons: It will cost you a lot of money. The typical cost of a 60-second custom explainer video is about $8,000.

Summary: If a lot is depending on it, you should probably pay a professional to make a “knock their socks off” quality explanatory video. If you’re willing to spend the money, the reward is likely to be worth it.

Create it yourself using an online platform

Pros: You have total creative power and better budget management. Online platform videos are typically quicker to produce, less expensive than employing a professional business, and the end products are generally rather polished.

Cons: You are restricted by your own abilities, time, software, and hardware. While some may consider them costly, we at Elai don’t think so. Our platform is geared at those who have never made a video before, and it’s free!

Summary: If you want to try your hand at video creation, develop it in-house. You have more control over the money and total creative flexibility. For the most part, video generation platforms are less expensive than hiring a video production business, and the turnaround time is often much faster as well.

How to make an explainer video: a step-by-step guide

Now for the main question: how can you start making one? It may appear to be a tough endeavor at first glance. To make a high-quality piece, all of the elements must work together, from the plot to the design to the music and editing.

An excellent video may still be made with a small crew, even if your budget is limited. It’s possible for anyone with a little bit of know-how and a video editor like Elai to make a fantastic product explainer video. 

Here’s how to make an explainer video.

Step 1: Create an account to begin.

It is as simple as clicking the “Try for free” button on the homepage of our website. Various plans are available, ranging from the Free and Basic to the Advanced and Custom, based on how many minutes and features you want. All you need to get started is an Elai account, and no further software is needed.

Step 2: Use an existing template or start from scratch.

You don’t have to be an expert in video production to utilize our video tools. Our talented team has put up a collection of high-quality explainer video templates, so all you have to do now is adapt it to fit your theme and brand.

Find the best one by looking through our extensive collection of examples. When in doubt, start from scratch and create your own, or just use a white background.

Step 3: Experiment with aspect ratios.

Horizontal videos are no longer sufficient for video marketing. Elai’s builder offers a number of aspect ratio options. Create vertical and square explainers so that you may share them on whatever social media platform you want.

Step 4: Use avatars to target your audience.

Make your video as relevant as possible if you’re attempting to reach a certain demographic or geographic location. This may be accomplished through the appropriate narrator.

Before choosing a presenter for your explanatory video, do some research. Tailor your message to your intended audience by selecting from a variety of accessible avatars representing different nationalities and professions. You can also request an avatar of yourself by clicking the button below.

Step 5: Decide on your company’s tone.

An ideal narrator is the one who conveys the proper attitude about your company’s brand, product, or service. Using a studio or a quiet area, a high-quality microphone, and proper software, record the script. As soon as you upload your voiceover, the avatar of your choice will do the rest.

You can also use one of Elai’s many synthesized voices, which come in a variety of accents and languages. Do you prefer a female or male voice for your narration? And how about their regional accent? There are over 65 languages with various dialects to choose from, allowing you to have a really unique user experience.

Step 6: Tailor everything to your liking.

Visuals are important here since an explainer serves as an introduction to your company. Help the audience focus on the overarching idea by using basic, clear pictures that convey it in a straightforward way.

Adding a personal touch to your video is a snap using Elai. You may adjust the colors, text, and fonts to reflect your brand, in addition to uploading your own videos and photos. Your videos will be even more enjoyable if you apply transition effects between slides, animations, and screencasts.

Step 7: Choose the finest audio.

Product explainer videos are almost always accompanied by music. It’s an essential part of a video’s tone-setting process. Emotion and vitality may be conveyed through it, something narrative alone cannot provide. There is a library of Elai tracks that you can choose from, or you may upload your own music as well.

Step 8: Make it easy to share!

It’s time to show the world what you’ve worked so hard on. Include a call-to-action in your explainer to encourage viewers to buy your product, visit your website, or give you a phone call after watching it. Be kind but direct; else, people won’t know what to do.

Content that is entertaining, relevant, or visually appealing is always going to be shared by others. Elai makes it easy to save, publish, and share your video to any of your social media accounts.

Make your explainers stand out with

Now you understand how to make an explainer video, what it actually is, and why it is necessary. With our support, you can get started on the right foot. Creating a professional-looking video is so simple with a large collection of stock videos and animations that no one would think you made it yourself.

Explanatory videos are a great way to rapidly and effectively introduce your product, service, or brand to a new audience. Build one and place it on your homepage, product page, or in a social media ad campaign, if you choose so.

You don’t need any previous expertise in video production to use our platform. Start making amazing explainer videos with Elai right now. It’s free!

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