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Generate an AI Avatar: It’s Easier Than You Think

A few years ago, virtual clones of people were only in movies, and the first developments were perceived as something impractical. Now, AI avatars are used in business on a par with voice assistants.

A personalized avatar feature is revolutionary for quite any business. Take advantage of Elai’s avatar maker without any effort.

Find out how to make custom avatars for your videos and build your brand strong by reading this article! 

AI Avatar: what it is and how it works

The opportunity to get a personal (similar to you as much as possible) avatar that no one else has is exciting, and this can become an interesting enticing feature. This technology can find its application in many areas and spheres.

Personalized AI videos with custom avatars will serve as a creative advertisement for your marketing campaign. By contacting, you will find a reliable marketing assistant — an AI avatar generator with an extensive library of custom avatars that you can use in your commercials.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction into everyday life ­ the reality that each of you is familiar with. Modern devices already recognize human speech, can answer questions, and perform machine translation.

AI-generated avatars for commercial purposes “on the fly” from photography is a technology that is interesting in itself and can be applied in many areas. If you need a personalized avatar, use the help of a professional service. Choose an AI presenter from the available list or create your own avatar.

The way works is pretty simple. Just upload a video footage of yourself speaking, and their service will create a custom avatar for you. The company’s technology allows them to provide customers with AI avatars that you can easily include in your video.

AI avatar chatbot makes it easy for customers and brands to interact with each other. It is programmed to answer and ask additional questions. AI avatar chat support provides virtual assistant services. AI-powered chatbots accelerate the sales cycle as well as help generate more leads and build brand loyalty.

Beautiful AI presentation from the comfort of your office

Need to create a presentation for a workshop or your own business project? A beautiful and thoughtful presentation design will help make your ideas more visual and easy to understand. It will help to win and hold the attention of any audience.

Anyone can easily create a presentation of any kind these days, from a student term paper or board meeting. is an intelligent presentation design tool powered by artificial intelligence technologies.

AI presentation maker for everyone

With this service, you can create interactive videos in no time. No need to worry – you do not need any hardware or software. This resource allows you to transform the text into a video presentation with an interactive presenter powered by artificial intelligence.

The principle of operation is based on image and speech recognition and generation systems, natural language processing, and machine learning. The service independently adapts the content on the slides to the selected format, helps to add animations and transitions, and recommends suitable templates.

For the service to make a slide design, you need to choose a design style and add text, pictures, or graphics to each page. If you do not like the result, you can change the patterns, fonts, size, and position of objects.

With a rich collection of templates, you can quickly and easily create beautiful professional presentations. You can use ready-made presentation layouts or create your unique design.

The service adapts the content on the slides to the selected format, helps to add animation and transitions. For example, it adjusts colors and icons to match the background or distributes data on a slide.

Get started with the Elai AI avatars

Video material created with cutting-edge technologies sets one firm distinct from another. Having your own unique avatar to back it up is much better.

There’s no need to record in a studio now. When using custom avatars, you may produce videos from the comfort of your office.

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