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Create Realistic Digital Human Videos in 3 Steps

Digital humans have evolved from poorly drawn characters to realistic digital individuals, promising a better user experience and greater sharing of knowledge. Needless to emphasize that this tendency is likely to persist.

With Elai’s digital human video creator, you can make your videos more memorable. Just type in your text and pick from 20+ digital personas to produce a professional video in moments. You may also request your own custom avatar to serve as a host in the video.

Read this post to discover all you need to know about digital human technology and how to produce videos with realistic digital humans.

Digital Human Technology: What Is It?

AI avatars are made by recording actual performers and seem incredibly life-like as opposed to computer-generated humans. Despite the fact that the idea of employing them is relatively new, their use cases are becoming more and more commonplace.

In the digital world, an AI human may be utilized to communicate with people and provide real-time responses to their inquiries on a variety of different devices. Use cases for conversational AI avatars include (but are not limited to) brand ambassadors and customer service professionals.

Video production is another use case for virtual avatars. Digital human videos may be made by merely typing in text rather than using performers, cameras, and other gear in a studio. Increase the quality of your business videos while also reducing costs by using digital human resources. These videos may be used for a variety of purposes including explainer videos, staff training videos, and more.

How to Create Digital Human Videos? 3 Easy Steps

Elai makes it extremely simple to create a digital avatar for your video. Here’s a quick guide that breaks everything down into three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose an AI presenter.

Create an Elai account and select an AI avatar. In addition to the 20+ built-in avatars, you can also request a digital representation of yourself.

Step 2: Enter your script.

Personalize your video by typing your script in and then adding photos, shapes, music, and backgrounds. More than 65 languages are supported, so no microphone or voice recording is required.

Step 3: Obtain your AI video.

Within minutes, you’ll have an AI video to show off. Your digital human video may be downloaded, shared, or embedded with ease.

Want a Digital Human Video? With Elai, It’s Easy As Pie

AI avatars are in great demand because they allow users to interact with digital information and other users in a realistic and engaging way. Digital human avatars can deliver a high-quality user experience with face recognition and speech synthesis to build a lifelike user representation.

It’s as simple as typing your video script in and selecting a digital avatar. In only five minutes, you can create a video with text, photos, video, audio, and shapes. With life-like Elai digital humans, you can communicate with consumers throughout the world thanks to 65+ languages and voices to choose from.

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In a nutshell, sure. The long answer is that digital persons are at the forefront of the advancement of virtual support. They are not just a source of information for clients all around the world, but also brand ambassadors with distinct personalities.

Digital humans are artificial intelligence-generated virtual avatars. From customer service to digital influencers, they are commonly employed to simulate a human touch in the internet world.

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