Personalized sales massages for MacPaw

See how MacPaw improved their sales flow with the help of personalized video messages

About MacPaw
MacPaw is a software company that focuses on developing solutions for Mac that improve the user experience and make it simplier and more productive.
The users and market know MacPaw for the tools they developed, like CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2, ClearVPN, and more. The MacPaw solutions are primarily aimed at elevating the Apple user experience; however, the company has also created tools for Windows OS users.
The challenge
The MacPaw sales department works hard, managing a massive outreach and communication flow.

They wanted to find a new, personalized approach for their clients that would drive results and keep people satisfied. This is when MacPaw turned to Elai and dived into the AI-generated video solution.
The solution:
Personalized sales messages
MacPaw found the most value in creating personalized sales video messages. The Elai API allowed them to generate videos that address each client personally from a single script.

Elai saved MacPaw hours of work spent on video production and helped them focus on delivering results.
Personalized sales massages may be the key to growth
Each and every one of your clients is someone else's client; which means they get tons of mail every day. To really stand out and be the winner who gets their attention, you need something extraordinary. Personalized video sales messages speak to one's emotions and envoke trust. It is still a new trend, which means you get to use the fresh approaches.
Working with Elai
The MacPaw's Elai journey started with a personal consultation on their needs and pains and how Elai can tackle them.

The company was given an e-tour around the platform and the Builder, and advised on AI video creation best practices.
Advice for new Elai users
When using Elai, becoming a pro video creator is easy.

Do not be afraid to start with one of the many Elai video templates to get the idea of what possibilites the platform can offer, or email [email protected] for the answers to your questions.
Selfie avatar:
Use a smartphone or web camera to create an animated video avatar of yourself in no time.
Studio avatar:
Get a 4K studio quality AI avatar and use it in your videos. Make it speak in 65+ languages!
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