Corporate Case Study: Sigma Software

Learn how Sigma Software has used solution for their L&D needs.

About Sigma Software
Sigma Software deliver turn-key IT solutions that help their customers efficiently cope with existing business challenges, transform the way they do business.

With 20-years’ experience and +2000 employees, they are leading offshore software development provider around the globe.
The challenge
Sigma Software was looking for an efficient way to deliver internal employee training content.

The company had large amounts of information which they decided to turn into videos. At first, they used help from third-party creators.

However, the process turned out to be unduly long and expensive. Sigma Software turned to Elai in search of an alternative solution.
The solution:
Engineering and
training content
The Elai solution let Sigma Software be fully in charge of the creation process and shortnen it as well.

The pricing was reasonably lower as there was no need in paying actors and a filming crew.

Sigma software was able to create the needed content fast and keep the ability to edit and adapt it quickly and easily when needed.
Sigma Software is creating L&D content for their employees
Every company's greatness and success starts with the knowledgeable employees, and Sigma Software knows this well. This is why the company ensures the accurateness and relevance of the L&D content by creating AI-powered videos with Elai.
Working with Elai
The Sigma Software's Elai journey started with a personal consultation on their needs and pains and how Elai can tackle them.

The company was given an e-tour around the platform and the Builder, and advised on AI video creation best practices.
Advice for new Elai users
When using Elai, becoming a pro video creator is easy.

Do not be afraid to start with one of the many Elai video templates to get the idea of what possibilites the platform can offer, or email [email protected] for the answers to your questions.
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