How PetroShore Engages Viewers With Digital Avatars

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“We wanted to give users a different way of understanding the point of courses, reasons to accomplish them, and what benefits they get after. That is why we went for the solution, and it works very well.” – Andrea Moreno, PetroShore Compliance

About PetroShore Compliance

PetroShore Compliance is a consulting and training company with offices in Spain and Angola. The firm provides consultancy for Corporate Crime Prevention, delivering full solutions for preventing and treating anti-legal or anti-social crimes within organizations.

PetroShore creates a training model that includes theory, practice, and comparative analysis with sectoral benchmarking for both public and private entities.

What makes them stand out is that they combine consulting with complete and practical learning. They have more than 3,500 successful cases of satisfied clients. Nevertheless, they wanted to make their customers even more pleased, and this is when they found

The challenge

We spoke with Andrea Moreno, the CEO of PetroShore and one of Elai’s most active users. Looking for new methods to keep students engaged in Corporate Training courses, Andrea decided to offer them something different.

According to her, more than 70 videos are added to their courses every month, for a total of 900 videos every year. Videos allow them to summarize and provide a large amount of relevant information to viewers more efficiently.

The solution: AI videos with digital avatars

The course’s presentation is the first thing customers see when they visit the landing page. PetroShore uses four Elai avatars to present the course and create the presentation of its key aspects, objectives, and advantages.

Below is an example of PetroShore’s video created in Elai builder:

As a result, the videos made with Elai were watched more than 10,000 times on their website, which Andrea thinks is an exceptional success. In addition, the percentage of time spent actively watching a video by viewers has grown, on average by up to 60%.

Andrea believes that Elai’s digital avatars may be the key to such growth. She thinks that when students are interacting with an avatar, they are more likely to focus on the material being taught. The presenters can “talk” to the users, and they “talk” to each other in the video. This is a human factor that contributes to an increase in engagement and views.

Working with Elai

As Andrea Moreno’s company has been using Elai’s video creation platform for several months, we sat down with her to learn more about her experience.

“I think that it has improved a lot. When we started, we had fewer minutes for videos, fewer avatars, and fewer options for customization. But now it is all great, and I believe there is more to improve. I think it is a long way to make something perfect.”

Another element that has come to the taste is the diverse variety of avatars and languages available. Virtual presenters, she says, are well represented on the platform, allowing video-makers to tailor their content to a wider audience.

Nearly every language supported has a variety of accents, which Andrea noticed right away. She employs dialects from both Brazil and Portugal while making videos in Portuguese. In this way, she claims, we may now connect with everyone in their own language.

In the words of PetroShore’s CEO, one of Elai’s most significant advancements was the use of the service Feedbear to collect all the feedback, comments, and suggestions from users.

“I believe it was a smart move to get the feedback since you know exactly what people are looking for. Everyone can see what demands there are and what kind of people use the platform.”

Advice for new Elai users

We asked Andrea whether she had any recommendations for all those who are just joining Elai.

“Don’t set your expectations too high.”

There are very few companies that develop similarly useful tools like this one since the technology is considered to be state-of-the-art. It’s true that avatars may be rather static, and there might be more time allotted for videos, but these little flaws don’t take away from the product’s overall utility and innovative nature.

Andrea assures that she would highly suggest Elai to anyone who develops e-learning courses. A full learning experience for students is something the Elai team believes every educator can achieve by incorporating videos into the lessons they provide.

There’s no alternative to a video when it comes to teaching your students difficult concepts. Using AI-based videos with digital avatars, you can scale your video courses and reach a bigger audience.

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