Corporate Case Study: Springs

Learn how Springs software company has improved its SEO with solution

Case Study: Springs
Springs is an international development team that helps company owners in building software solutions. Experienced web & mobile developers, team leads, project managers, QA guys, and UI/UX designers who are always eager to bring value to promising ideas for an app, platform, or solution.
Springs cherishes every goal-oriented project for a digitally transforming company. The team is ready to contribute to each unique concept for a startup from the early stage.
The challenge
Springs software company was seeking SEO optimization to boost its organic rankings and traffic, build customers’ trust, and simply increase audience engagement. There is nothing more captivating than a high-quality educational and marketing video content.

Elai has become a digital marketing tool for video marketing content creation that lets Springs generate loads of video content in no time without renting a studio, hiring a cameraman, preparing professional equipment and spending hours editing.
The solution:
Marketing content
Elai is an affordable solution for those who value their time and money and want to capture clients’ attention to the company, product, or service.

Elai has provided the Srings team with a chance to try the solution that generates marketing video content without any significant effort and expenses.

Moreover, video editing is much easier with its intuitive interface. Talking Avatars and good-looking animation are what the Srings team was looking for to make the content more engaging.
Springs software company enhances SEO with
The Springs team knows that professional looking AI-powered video content is the right key to raising awareness about your company and promoting it on different platforms. First-rate marketing content ameliorates the visibility of your website and boosts sales.
Working with Elai
Springs got acquainted with Elai through a personal consultation where we managed to elaborate on Springs’s particular case and choose by far the most suitable option.

The company was given a demo around the plarform so the team could learn about all the features available in the builder and how the software works.
Advice for new Elai users
When using Elai, becoming a pro video creator is easy.

Do not be afraid to start with one of the many Elai video templates to get the idea of what possibilites the platform can offer, or email [email protected] for the answers to your questions.
Selfie avatar:
Use a smartphone or web camera to create an animated video avatar of yourself in no time.
Studio avatar:
Get a 4K studio quality AI avatar and use it in your videos. Make it speak in 65+ languages!
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