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SaaS Video Marketing Guide 2023: Tips and Tricks

Software as a Service (SaaS) is quickly replacing traditional business models in the modern day. SaaS is growing more and more popular among businesses as the price of development, hosting, and maintenance continues to rise. According to statistics, over 60% of organizations intend to transition to SaaS in the upcoming years.

SaaS is expanding, but that doesn’t mean that SaaS businesses are immune to obstacles to their expansion or success.

As a Saas company, you must not only attract new clients but also successfully onboard them and keep them interested in your software.

96% of people watch videos to learn more about complicated goods and services, and viewers are more likely to remember 95% of a message in a video than they are in a text document (10%). Businesses concur that these improve user comprehension; nearly half report that explainer videos decreased the amount of calls to their organization for product support, and 75% of marketers believe video increases brand awareness.

Why SaaS Video Marketing Matters

Video makes it possible for you to clearly and succinctly convey complicated concepts, making it ideal for showcasing your cutting-edge software services. You can increase customer engagement and lower customer turnover by utilizing the power of Saas videos at every stage of the customer experience.

Sending personalized video sales messages to prospects rather than cold outbound emails is one of the benefits of video marketing. Why? Additionally, you can produce video podcasts for your company or brand. These days, video podcasts are quite popular and effective since they engage the audience and spread a lot of information through interesting sessions.

What is more, it has been demonstrated that SaaS video marketing increases client retention by 80%. Through marketing, you might be able to attract a consumer, but it is crucial that they comprehend your offering. When a customer watches a product in action through video marketing, this improves customer satisfaction, comprehension, and retention.

And lastly, visual material tends to engage people more. Videos may be used by marketers to demonstrate the value of their products in a more dynamic and interesting way. Customers will feel more like a part of the SaaS brand in this way, increasing conversion rates.

How to Craft a Good Video for SaaS: Some Tips

A SaaS video marketing strategy is not the only thing you need – a strategy for the video creation process is a great idea as well.

  • The video should be no more than three minutes. It should not be too long or too short, but should still communicate the intended point.
  • Animation: To make the video entertaining, use interactive animations in the text, music, and design. However, avoid using too much design since this will make the video complex.
  • CTA: Don’t forget to include a call to action in your video – best SaaS video ads have one. It should be outlining what you want viewers to do next. When you do not advise your audience what to do next, even the best videos can fall short of achieving the desired results.
  • Voice over: It is crucial to have a clear voice over because it will make it easier for customers to grasp your goods. You can add explanatory voice over to your video with the aid of the text-to-speech services available at Elai. If you want to reach the next level, clone your own voice and let one of the AI avatars be the narrator. 

Video Content: What to Create

Videos for Training

For employees and sales teams to better comprehend and explain the product, training videos are essential. Additionally, the teams or employees can see these videos at their convenience and refreshen their knowledge at any time. To enhance their value as educational and entertaining tools, these videos can also be customized.

Videos for Customers and Users

The main goals of any SaaS company are to recruit, engage, convert, and retain customers. The challenge of achieving these goals through digital means is enormous.

Additionally, customers like information consumption that is simple and interesting. Videos may therefore be the best option because they are practical for both the brand and the audience. Additionally, they make the intention apparent and maintain the audience’s interest for a longer period of time.

Videos as Product Explainers

The greatest Saas product and explainer videos carry out their intended purpose. They describe the functions of your product and how buyers might benefit from it. This is ideal for the early stages of your buyer’s journey, when they are looking for more information on how to resolve a certain issue they are experiencing.

Videos as Promo Content

When it comes to promo videos, you should aim for something eye-catching and memorable because the goal of this type of video is to introduce and promote your product to your target audience.

Promo videos can be useful for showcasing the most crucial features, disseminating product updates, or even serving as instructions for specific features.

To increase engagement and CTR, promo videos can be used in social media and digital advertising campaigns. Additionally, these can be used to instruct consumers during product onboarding and email campaigns.

Videos to Introduce Case Studies

The most engaging and reliable technique to develop brand social proof and showcase client happiness is through video case studies and customer testimonials. In order to create social proof and increase engagement, short video testimonials can be incorporated to landing pages, blogs, and emails.

Long case study videos can also aid in a clearer description of the effects your product has had on consumers’ lives and businesses. Additionally, a video displays a real person discussing their actual experience, which is more open and reliable than text.

Video Content: Where to Use

There are numerous ways to get your video material and SaaS video marketing examples in front of viewers. The majority of them are freely available, shared, and easily accessible.

  • Publishing your content on websites like YouTube or Vimeo is always a great idea. These platforms have a large readership and provide free hosting.
  • Post your videos to blog posts and landing pages of your company’s website.
  • Share videos through email campaigns and social media sites.
  • Share your videos on other useful partner platforms to promote them.
  • For the benefit of your internal teams, host your movies on webinars and share them afterwards. 

In Conclusion

Video marketing for SaaS can be challenging, but it is also fascinating. If you work in marketing, you must interact with people to communicate with, comprehend, and influence them.

Instead of trying to sell a consumer a product or service, approach each customer with the idea of helping them to solve a problem or attain a goal. Videos will be you reliable helpers along the way.

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