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The Ultimate Guide to a Startup Explainer: How to Create a Business Video with Top Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Introduction: What Is a Startup Explainer Video?

A startup explainer video is a short video that provides an overview of a product or service. Startups often use it to introduce their product to potential customers. Established companies and organizations can also use it to promote their products and services – nowadays, every business benefits from having video content in their strategies.

Explainer videos are an excellent way for businesses to convey their message in a concise, engaging, and memorable way. They are also an effective tool for communicating with audiences who may not speak the same language or have access to the internet, which makes them useful for those in developing countries or remote areas. Thanks to the latest AI technology, there is even no need to hire translators to convert the script from one video to another: there are services that will do the same in a couple of clicks. 

The pros of startup explainer videos include:

  • The ability to engage viewers; 
  • Increased brand awareness; 
  • More sales leads; 
  • More traffic on websites. 

The cons include: 

  • High production costs; 
  • Long production process.

But not to worry: with this article, you will learn how to create amazing explainer videos on a budget and in no time.

How does a Startup Explainer Video Boost Sales?

Startup explainer videos are a great way to generate interest in a new business. When people are interested in what you have to offer, they are more likely to convert into clients. Explainer videos not only showcase the product’s or service’s strong sides but also brings the viewer’s attention to how their pains can be solved. 

Startup explainer videos can be used for marketing purposes and as a way of converting prospective clients into paying customers. These videos can be used for several reasons:

  • To introduce the company’s product or service. This is a rather obvious, yet important point: the message should be clear even to the viewers who know nothing about the niche. 
  • To raise awareness about the company and its brand. Company and brand visibility means more traffic and more people interested in your product or services. 
  • To promote and sell products or services. Finally, a good explainer video can include a well-crafted call to action that can give you more leads and boost your sales.

How to Make Your Own Start-Up Explainer Video in 30 Minutes or Less

There are many different ways to create an explainer video. And you will find that there are many different tools and techniques for doing it.  Many startups choose to rent a studio and use the services of filming crews, which results in spending a lot of costs and hours. But what if we tell you that there is a more effective and budget-friendly way to make a startup explainer video? 

The key is using AI text-to-video makers. Such makers give anyone the opportunity to generate a compelling video in 30 minutes or less with the help of a beginner-friendly UI. AI video makers also offer a variety of digital human presenters or digital avatars, and Elai has the most diverse collection. All you need to create a video with Elai is concise text – basically, what you want the avatar to say. Let’s dive deeper!

The first step in creating your own explainer video is to determine what you want to show in your video. You need to think about what the audience needs to know, who they are, and what they want.

Next, you will need a script that gives the information that you want the audience to know in a compelling way. This should be short and concise with no more than one sentence per video screen on average.

Once you have your script written out, it is to turn to your creative side! You can choose one of the numerous Elai video templates, customizing it in any way – from changing colors to uploading your brand’s fonts. Pay attention to the voices library for your avatar: which one sounds the best to you? Add video slide transitions, animations, images, videos, and screencasts and preview your video: you will be able to check out everything besides the avatar moving. Make sure everything looks perfect before rendering your final product. The most important thing happens when you render your video, as this is when your digital avatar comes to life: after the rendering, they move and talk. 

You can download your final video or share or embed it directly through the Elai builder. The best thing is if you ever feel the need to edit your startup explainer video, it is easy to go back and make the edits in a couple of clicks. 

Best Practices for Creating a Startup Explainer Video

How long should an explainer video be? The length of the video completely depends on your niche, target audience, and the product itself. It is important to remember that there are many different types of videos and not just one length fits all. Some companies opt for a shorter 30-second video while others go for a longer 60-second video. Keep in mind that it might be hard to get someone’s attention with a short startup explainer video, so you should consider making it at least 1 minute long. 

For your startup explainer video, use a screencast to showcase your product and what it does. You can show the company’s representative demonstrating the product and its strengths or use animation for a more engaging intro. To introduce your company, you should use video to show off several different products and services in action. In 10 seconds, you can show the various types of programming your company offers, for example, one-on-one lessons with live coaches via video chat or classes that help teach people how to program using simple visual metaphors. Whatever your startup does, make sure it is clear to anyone watching. Do not forget to highlight the benefits one gets when getting products and services from you! 

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