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Benefit From Video Newsletters: Quick Guide

What is one of the most effective tools for email marketing? Indeed, engaging newsletters were and remain an important part of any marketing strategy. They are so popular that it has become a problem. So, if everyone uses them, how can you set yourself apart from your competitors?

With video, you can captivate any audience. Therefore, why not try a video-based newsletter instead? Emails that include videos offer a more customized and attractive approach to your content.

As simple as sending an email, Elai allows you to make video newsletters in no time. But before we get into the specifics, let’s go over the essentials.

What is a video newsletter?

The name says it all: videos in newsletters. It is the process of changing a boring email with a load of lengthy text that no one reads into an engaging one with high-quality tailored video content.

You may ask, “What are newsletters used for?” Simple, they deliver articles, industry updates, advice snippets, and special deals much more directly to a person’s mailbox. With consumers remembering 95% of a video message, it’s difficult not to include them in mailings.

5 reasons to create a video newsletter

Before we go into how to include videos in newsletters, let’s talk about why you should bother with them in the first place. So, why use a video instead of a lot of text in your email?

1. Stand out from the crowd.

It’s a certain strategy to keep your clients’ attention on your engaging newsletters rather than the other 100 in their email inboxes. Your audience may be entertained as well as informed and educated by using video, regardless of the industry.

2. Enhance your brand’s voice.

Using video, you can develop stories that stick in the minds of your viewers and increase the amount of trust your audience has in your business. The email inbox is a very private place, and videos in newsletters make it simple to display your personality to your audience there.

3. Increase the click-through rate.

It’s possible to raise click-through rates by as much as 300% by including video content in email marketing. Even if you only provide a link to a video in the form of a URL, your emails will still perform better. In addition, open rates are much higher for emails that contain the word “video” or a call to action  “watch a video” in their subject lines.

4. Encourage visitors to your website.

Including a video boosts conversion rates by 34%, according to research studies. Using a tailored and interesting video in your email may assist attract visitors to your website, which in turn improves your search engine rankings and sales.

5. Get your point out in less time.

With video, you may save your audience time while still delivering a unique and compelling message. Your newsletter video should be relevant, honest, and entertaining. Creating a video that is genuine and authentic can help your viewers feel more connected to your brand.

Where to place a video: 3 most popular channels

Do some planning ahead of time so you know where and why you want to include a video in your mailings. A personal video invitation to a seminar, conference, or sales event is a great video to put in your engaging newsletters if you aren’t sure what to include.

Company update video newsletter

  • What? 

This might include recent job listings, new awards, interviews, or any other noteworthy material that you think your readers would find valuable. Open with the most relevant and valuable information, since this will pique the interest of the viewers and keep them interested for the duration of the video.

  • Why? 

No matter how long your recipient has been a subscriber, this is still a terrific way to keep in touch with your customers. Customers will be kept up-to-date on the latest developments at your company by watching this sort of video newsletter.

  • Where? 

The video should be placed immediately below the introduction in the newsletter. If you wish to include anything more in the email, you can do so in text form directly below the video.

Testimonial video newsletter

  • What? 

One of your pleased customers may be willing to share their experience with your products or services in a video testimonial. As your existing customers may find this unnecessary, ensure that your newsletter readership is categorized and that only your prospects receive it.

  • Why? 

Adding client testimonials to your video email is a terrific strategy to boost your sales. Videos containing customer testimonials are a great way to keep customers interested in your business.

  • Where? 

The conclusion of your video newsletter might be just as significant as the beginning. If your email includes a video testimonial at the end, it becomes more than simply another boring email. It’s a great way to motivate and encourage your future subscribers to use your service.

Onboarding video newsletter

  • What? 

The newsletter for onboarding might come in a variety of ways. For example, it might provide an overview of how your product or service operates, and it can also be used to introduce new features or services.

  • Why? 

It’s easier to explain how your products and services function with these videos because they don’t leave much to the imagination. It’s a lot simpler to keep people interested and delighted in a short video, so personalizing them makes your consumers feel right at home.

  • Where? 

When it comes to the onboarding newsletter’s video placement, make sure it’s just after the intro.

How to create a video newsletter?

“That sounds fantastic, but generating videos for every mailing campaign and thousands of subscribers is totally out of my budget,” you may be thinking. That’s where Elai’s AI-powered video production fits into your content marketing plan.

Let us show you how to include videos in newsletters step-by-step.

Step 1: To begin, make an account.

Simply click the “Try for free” button on the homepage of our website to get started. Depending on how many minutes and features you need, you may choose from a variety of options, from the Free and Basic to the Advanced and Custom. Elai is all you need to get started, and no further software is required.

Step 2: Start from scratch or use an existing template.

Start a video by clicking the “New Video” button. Using our video tools doesn’t need you to be an expert in the field of video production. It’s now just a matter of customizing one of our high-quality templates to suit your specific needs. It’s up to you to find the perfect one or start from zero and make your own.

Step 3: Astound your audience with a custom avatar.

For a real, humanizing, and personal touch, have someone from your crew speak directly to a customer. Using the CEO’s avatar, send a personal message to the subscribers of the company’s email newsletters. If you’re interested, you may make a custom avatar request by clicking on the button below.

Step 4: Tailor everything to your preferences.

Keep your video unique, current, genuine, and educational in nature. You don’t have to go above and beyond. You may use your own videos or photographs and customize the colors and typography so that they go along with your brand. Enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of your videos by using transition effects and animations.

Step 5: Speak with the client in their language.

Choose from Elai’s variety of synthetic voices, which may be used in a diverse range of dialects and languages. Customers in any part of the world will be able to access your products as a result of this. Over 65 languages and dialects are available, allowing you to customize the user experience to the fullest capacity!

Step 6: Embed your video!

The world deserves to see what you’ve been working so hard on. Use a call-to-action in your video newsletter to entice viewers to make a purchase, visit your website, or give you a call after they’ve watched it. Save the video, upload it to YouTube, and include the link in the email where it is most relevant. Now you’re ready to go!

Incorporate videos into your emails with Elai

Video is a fantastic medium, and it’s perhaps the most captivating one right now. There is no doubt that a well-produced video may have a positive impact on your business regardless of its industry. A newsletter and a video together may be a powerful combination.

With Elai, you can generate a high-quality video newsletter with digital avatars at a reasonable cost. All you need is an Elai account and your video script. There is no need for a camera, pricey equipment, or complicated editing software.

Sign up for Elai and give it a shot; making a video is as simple as sending an email!

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