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AI Tutor, Its Importance in Online Education, and How to Get One

Is your Company Struggling to Find Qualified Instructors for Online Courses?

Online education is a growing trend in recent years. The number of people who enroll in online courses has increased over the last decade. This is because of the convenience and flexibility that online courses provide.

The demand for qualified instructors to online educate and teach online courses is increasing as well. In order to keep up with this demand, some companies are turning to AI digital tutors to use them in generating content for their online courses.

What is an AI Tutor?

AI tutors are designed to provide personalized academic support to students. One of the most popular forms of AI tutors is digital AI avatars that serve as narrators in video courses. They are present all throughout the course so that the students not only get their knowledge but can also connect with the material in a more personal and engaging way. 

Avatars are becoming more and more common because they make it possible for users to interact with digital data and other users in a more dynamic and realistic manner. AI avatars may provide consumers with a high-quality experience by utilizing face recognition and speech synthesis, in contrast to conventional talking avatar software. Video avatars may also help businesses and online schools by increasing revenue, enhancing customer service, and reducing support expenses.

In order to boost viewer engagement, you should make a talking avatar for your website, online school, and your video courses. You might become more familiar with the needs and desires of your target audience by using a talking avatar creator. Even by using AI avatars in marketing campaigns, it is possible to target particular demographics. Additionally, analytics can be used to monitor and enhance avatar engagement.

Elai can help you create your own AI tutor of you or any one of your colleagues. This way, you can be present in all the learning materials without having to spend hours on recording and editing.

How Does AI Tutoring Work?

The AI teacher will typically be used in a one-on-one setting where the tutor is not present. This allows for more personalized learning and allows students to ask questions and search for answers without feeling embarrassed or judged. Such a solution is perfect for the modern world, where we are familiar with many leading technologies, and can feel somewhat strained when finding ourselves in circumstances where we cannot access them. 

When you use an AI digital avatar as an online educator, you get to create video lessons and courses with them for your students to watch and learn. 

AI Tutoring and the Future of Education - Trends Toward Automated Teaching and Learning

AI tutoring is a form of artificial intelligence that is already being used in several schools and universities around the world. The AI tutor is a computer-based system that can provide tutoring by answering questions and providing feedback as well as by assessing the student’s progress.

AI tutoring is a type of artificial intelligence that has been used in education for more than two decades now. It has been used to answer students’ questions, provide feedback, and assess the student’s progress.

More Than an AI Tutor: Explore the Elai Features That Will Make You a Pro Video Creator

Create an expert video with the help of’s e-learning tool that will help your students and you. You can develop your product gradually and without wasting time, which is usually in limited supply, by using these professional tools.

  • Automated localization and translation. It can be time- and resource-consuming to produce video content for e-learning in several languages. Your course can be available in 69 languages thanks to Elai! Thanks to this, localization is reduced from taking weeks to only a few minutes.
  • Various topics are covered by the video templates. You can quickly complete the task by searching by tags or scrolling through the entire list.
  • Alter the background’s colors. Although templates typically have a specific color scheme, you are not required to use it. Change the default colors to those unique to your brand.
  • To instantly adapt the finished output to the website where you will publish it, you can immediately select vertically aligned frames or landscape format. 
  • For narration, AI tutors are the best choice. To voice the required text snippets, you do not need to hire an actor.
  • Custom avatars. You can design your own avatar in place of the suggested choices.
  • The speech options offered by the software are amazing; you may make the avatar sound like you by providing a sample of your own voice or selecting the female or male voices you prefer.
  • Fully functioning as text-to-video. The script is the only thing you need, which is the most significant. Elai will start transforming the slide script into speech as soon as you type the text underneath it.
  • The capacity of AI to match a character’s facial emotions to the message they express allows for high-quality rendering.
  • The platform includes a built-in stock multimedia library from which you can select the top stock images and videos for your project.
  • Your own video fragments can be uploaded and managed. Utilize this component if you already have video content by uploading the required footage and adding some explanations.
  • There is music in the royalty-free music library to suit any mood. You have access to a large music library through the service.
  • Insert text. Subtitles that are generated automatically or any other text can be inserted into the slides in place of the frames.
  • Add animations and slide transitions. Select stunning transitions between the frames.
  • Free Lottie animations are a great addition to video dynamics. You do not even need to open a new tab to find even more fantastic possibilities on Lottie in addition to the basic list of animations.
  • Play each frame while editing it independently. The difficulty of switching between the required sequences is a challenge with video editing. You work with each slide individually in until you get the optimal outcome.
  • If you need assistance, contact customer service. Our managers are available to you at all times to offer guidance or assistance.
  • In a little while, save the video. When the created and usable video is ready, you will be notified by email.

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