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Simple Guide to a Perfect Startup Pitch Video

The birth of a startup is a direct product of bright business minds and a contribution to the market and business world. Getting out there, making the first steps, can be both challenging and inspirational. 

And startup pitch videos are something that may help any business beginners to get a word of their product out.

What is a pitching?

Pitching is something that happens to the company throughout its life. Of course, the perfect outcome is when the company is well-recognized without an introduction. Achieving this takes a lot of pitching to a lot of parties throughout the time.

As this is a constant of a company’s life, the pitching process needs to be polished. It should be short and sweet. Informative and to the point.

What can improve the pitching game?

Presenting remotely or in person, the format must be precise. Truthfully, people can get bored reading papers or simply looking at graphs, and it is an issue. Losing people’s attention is frustrating as then they don’t fully realize how wonderful and brilliant the startup is.

We believe that shooting a video is a correct response to such an issue. It raises the engagement and gives the presenter a minute or two to collect their thoughts and continue pitching successfully.

Problems that may arise when making a startup pitch video

The problem is that the budget of a start-up can be limited and strictly distributed, so shooting a video in the studio can make quite a hole in said budget. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.’s platform is easy to use but offers a great variety of video generating options. A library of AI human presenters is also available, with 65+ languages and different accents for them to speak. It is easy to upload your own background, add a logo, and choose some music.

How to easily create a startup pitch video?

Elai’s platform allows users to easily make engaging startup pitch videos with realistic human presenters. Creating a video that can be translated into 69 languages is as simple as pressing one button. It’s a no-brainer that you’ll be able to get it up and running quickly.

Professional videos require a long time and money to make. When using traditional video editing software, the process becomes boring and monotonous for the creators involved. In order to save time and money, an automated AI video generating platform is a great option. Make your startup pitch video without pricey equipment or a cast.

First, choose your virtual presenters.

Create an account on the platform to get started. The “New Video” button makes it easy to create AI startup pitch videos. Create a video from scratch or use one of the many pre-made templates.

Find an avatar that best suits your needs. You may resize and rearrange them wherever on the slide, even in a circle or any other figure. If you’d prefer, you may use a different avatar for each slide.

custom avatar of any startup speaker may also be designed to make videos more personal. Do you want to present with your voice? Uploading a voiceover for your avatar to talk in a video is simple.

Next, include slides and text.

Choose a template, a slide background, and text for the slide once you’ve chosen on an avatar. Create a new background or choose from one of the colors available.

Add the slides you need and personalize them to your preference, including adding text, screencasts and logos, and more. Using stock photos, videos, and music may enhance your video’s overall appeal.

Here it is: the final cut of your startup pitch video.

Once you’ve completed editing, simply click the “Render” button in the admin panel. Wait for the auto-moderation procedure to finish before downloading your eye-catching video.

You no longer have to re-shoot a video to make adjustments. It’s never too late to go back and fix any mistakes, then re-render the video. Making a video is a breeze using Elai!

Use startup pitch videos to impress potential investors

The days of boring video creation are long gone. Having learned everything you need to know about making startup pitch videos, you’re ready to wow your possible investors with your video presentation. 

You don’t need to be an expert in video editing software or have a large budget to create compelling videos. With, video creation has never been easier or more economical for any startup.

With the right tools, pitching can be easy. And perfect.

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