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Video Creation Process and its Difficulties

Modern approach to video creation process:
Is video marketing really efficient?

Marketing is constantly evolving. The new era requires new methods and tactics to deliver better results. But should “traditional media” be relegated to the back burner? Let’s find out.

Many companies come up with new ideas on how to choose the best way to promote their businesses. Good old “traditional video creation” has always given a helping hand. Companies have used it for decades to reach consumers and encourage them to purchase the product. Up until very recently, video creation has been considered to be one of the most effective advertising tools that help businesses just make a profit. 

This is crucial to recognize the best method from those that have already emerged to target a broad target audience through advertising channels.

As your business and audience are both unique, this is almost impossible to say what will definitely work in your case.

How does video marketing boost customers’ engagement?

Videos, especially promo videos, are commonly used for promoting and telling people about the product or service. Video marketing is aimed at increasing engagement on digital and social channels and educating the audience. Well-made promo videos usually get more exposure, provide a more personalized way to captivate the audience, grow popularity across different platforms, and improve the understanding of a product or a service as a sales tool that is visible on social feeds. 

However, the success of those types of videos usually depends not only on the content itself, but the method of video recording. To keep up with the times, we need to develop new tools in any digital field to accelerate and facilitate the process.

The days of recording in a studio are long gone

Companies have been making videos using a traditional approach for a long time. But this method is currently losing its effectiveness because of the cost of recording.

What do you need?

The first thing you are going to need is a video studio. And the room is going to be permanent if you are seeking out a way to leverage it on a regular basis. You need to pay for the rent of the space over and over again. Remember that office settings, plain backgrounds and closets are essential as well. The studio has to be soundproof in order to experiment with different creative ideas.

Basic equipment for video creation

Needless to say that you will definitely have to invest in a reliable video camera, a professional microphone, and great lighting. The price of those components can vary in the range of $2,500 – $15,000. Meaningless expensive decorations are an integral part of “traditional video creation”.  Extra decor should be changed according to any updates. 

Basically, it is obvious that there are usually non-actors who read the script. The problem with memorizing the lines can lead to freezing up when recording starts. And here the teleprompter comes in handy which causes additional costs.

Cameraman service

Finally, the cherry on the cake would be hiring a cameraman with technical video production skills to create great-looking video content. And editing is not free as well. Color correcting, adding graphics and animation may take several days, not to mention the fact that a regular 10-minute video includes from 50 to 100 cuts to edit. 

However, the production of television-quality content should not be associated with mountains of money spent on it and the time-consuming and laborious process of video creation. As the needs and expectations of consumers increase, marketing has no choice but to improve its approaches as well. It’s hard to imagine that you can produce loads of educational and marketing video content without disturbing others in the office or even while sitting in your pajamas at home remotely.

AI-driven video creation approach

Thanks to the access to networks, forums and websites, many businesses are implementing videos in company advertising more and more frequently to engage with their customers., an AI-driven text-to-video platform, comes to help to simplify and streamline the process of generating videos. The only thing you will need to make captivating content is your well-written script prepared in advance. There is no need to have a high-quality camera and professional tripod that are worth a pretty penny. You can also find step-by-step instructions and internal video creation tutorials on the platform so video creation software is suitable even for beginners.

Special feature of

There are 23 Talking Avatars available on the platform that would easily replace stammering and stuttering staff members who are not really prepared for such a stressful situation. What is more, allows the user to generate their own Custom Avatar based on video footage of the speaker. This feature will save you a few thousand dollars in the future. Avatars can be filtered by appearance and outfits. They speak 69 languages with various accents and the platform provides you with the option to upload your own pre-recorded voice in order to synchronize it with Avatar’s lip sync.

Generate text-to-video content

We value the time of our customers so we have developed a video creation tool. The solution is to generate content from text to speed up the whole process: paste the link to the published article or blog post, or upload a PDF file to convert it into a ready-made presentation. 

With, editing is just a piece of cake! To change the Background, you can search for the best option in the stock library. You are even able to showcase various locations (bar, beach, etc.) without actually leaving your office. Some of the images and videos are blurred in advance. It is also possible to upload your own video and apply it as background whereas Talking Avatar is explaining what you are offering through the video. Then add some stock Music, extra Elements, Animation and Transition between the slides. Our API could be used to interact with other software or to personalize your videos and messages to target particular audiences.

Common Use Cases

Explainer videos, tutorials, marketing videos and other video creation ideas can usually contain some information that might become outdated. If the video is already recorded in the studio, it can not be changed by any means. 

Interactive video allows you to gain awareness, increase effectiveness and create more complex narratives that change the way people make decisions. Video creation service prevents the clients from spending the whole day standing in front of the camera.

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