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Why Digital Employee Onboarding Is Right for You

Onboarding new staff may be a frustrating experience in many companies. When done correctly, digital onboarding benefits new workers as they feel appreciated and involved right from the start of their employment. Here, digital human technology can help.

Read this article to discover all you need to know about the digital employee onboarding process, including how Elai may be a fantastic fit for your company’s needs.

What is Digital Employee Onboarding Process? Three-Step Flow

So, how can you put this approach into action and save your company thousands of dollars? This is how you do it.

Step 1: Start with preboarding.

Preboarding is everything you do before your new employee starts their first day at work, including setting up email accounts, giving them access, and so on. As part of the onboarding process, create training courses for your new employee. This can be done with the help of Elai’s easy-to-use video generation platform featuring virtual presenters.

Step 2: Outline the full process.

The stages of your current onboarding process should be the focus of attention. Create a detailed flowchart of the entire process. Determine the steps to be taken on the first day. Make a plan for the remaining steps.

Step 3: Automate their work.

Using digital tools and platforms allows you to automate a variety of tasks. Furthermore, you may deploy digital humans to improve standardized training. Use digital humans in videos that may be used to onboard new workers and assist them in learning simple, repeatable processes while still complying with important aspects.

Digital Onboarding: Best Practices

  • Onboarding starts beforehand.

Even before your new recruit sets foot in the office, you must begin the process of the digital onboarding experience. Preboarding is a great strategy to entice your best employees away from your competitors and get them to sign on the dotted line.

  • Create a digital toolkit.

Today’s recruiting managers have access to an array of digital onboarding solutions, thanks to the advent of modern technology. Using tools like chatbots, emails, and videos may make it easier to teach new employees the rules of the company. It’s no problem for Elai to take care of it all. (And even more!)

  • Personalize communication.

Using quizzes, questionnaires, and other icebreakers, you may build meaningful relationships with your new workers.  You may also utilize customized videos with your CEO’s custom avatar to establish a strong foundation of trust.

Make Elai Your Go-To Digital Employee Onboarding Software

For decades, onboarding meant completing a slew of paperwork. The goal of onboarding has shifted in recent years: providing a positive initial impression on new employees while also helping them feel at home in the organization as a whole.

In order to be really useful, digital employee onboarding software should include all components of onboarding, including employee engagement, personalization, and trust development.

Elai platform is one of these. It gives you the ability to produce unique videos that incorporate a virtual avatar of your CEO to wow and engage your new workers.

The term “digital onboarding process” refers to the use of digital tools and platforms for onboarding purposes. Ongoing digital activities like orientation and online training are used to successfully teach new employees about the company’s goals and work culture as well as their duties and responsibilities.

A digital human is an extremely accurate computer replica of a human being. Digital human videos are a viable answer to the problem of increasing employee turnover. Providing new employees with better training helps them adapt more quickly, allowing them to become more productive and effective members of the team.

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