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How to Create eLearning Courses 20x Faster

How to create training videos using AI technology

E-learning courses are gaining popularity in almost every industry. Many of them are created with the help of AI technologies. A survey conducted by Gartner among IT directors showed that 37% have already implemented AI technologies in their training process. The reasons lie in the fact that e-learning video production is a labor-intensive process that requires technical savvy, but AI in e-learning proves that everybody can collect all the bonuses without risking the product quality. 

If you also want to make an e-learning video faster, but AI services seems to be too complicated, take a closer look at the service. With this article you will learn how to create training videos with minimal effort and with the best results using Elai tools.

How Does AI Transform e-Learning Approaches?

The appearance of software to create training videos became the driving force for the development of numerous courses. On the one hand, e-learning is very helpful for the students themselves, because this way the information is easier to perceive and can be repeated when it is convenient. In addition, the online format allows you to independently choose the most productive and convenient time for studying. 

On the other hand, we have advantages for the authors of the training courses themselves, because AI helps to improve their product:

  • Offer personalized videos;
  • Adapt content for students of different levels, roles, and preferences;
  • Localize the product, adapting it to the regional consumer requirements;
  • Form a deep understanding of the topic, even if the course offers to deal with complex concepts;
  • Visualize certain ideas, explain them, or combine both approaches.

A lot of tasks, which until now had to be performed manually, are automated, so you get free resources to concentrate on other, no less important aspects of professional activity.

A few more tip to make your video production really successful

Choosing the best software to create training videos is half the battle, but before you start working directly on the training course, make sure you prepare properly:

  • A learning needs assessment will help determine the right goals for students;
  • Outline the time frame you will need to create an e-learning course;
  • Get rid of slow-down factors: if intermediate results are approved and reviewed by many people, the course release can be significantly delayed.

And finally, learn how to speed up work directly on educational videos by 20 times: we reveal all the secrets of creating fast and effective courses.

Create e-Learning Videos 20x Times Faster with the Service

Use’s e-learning video maker to create a professional video that benefits both consumers and you. At least 20 professional tools will help you improve your product step-by-step, without wasting time, which is always in short supply.

  1. Automatic translation and localization. Creating video content for eLearning for different countries can take a lot of resources and time. Elai helps your course speak 69 languages! In this way, localization reduces from long months to a few hours of work.
  2. Frames templates are available for different topics. You can scroll all list, or search by tags: this way you can do it faster.
  3. Change background colors. Templates have a certain color scheme, but that does not mean you are bound to it. Change the standard colors to ones that are specific to your brand.
  4. Use the required scale. You can immediately choose vertical-oriented frames or landscape view, so that the finished product is immediately adapted to the site where you will publish it. You can also choose the scale of the slides according to your needs: 1×1; 16×9; 9×16.
  5. Ready-made characters are good for those videos where the narrator is needed. You do not need to hire an actor to voice the necessary text fragments.
  6. Localized characters will help you to be close to the audience for which you are preparing video content for e-learning. People tend to trust those who are similar to them, so if you are looking for how to make training videos for all regions separately, then simplify this task to the usual selection of an avatar.
  7. Customized avatars. Instead of the proposed options, you can create your own avatar.
  8. Manage the avatar. You can make the narrator the central figure, place him in a circle, and emphasize other visual elements — whatever. Normal editing will not let you control the character as easily, but Elai will.
  9. The software’s voice options are impressive: you can choose the female or male voices you like, or provide a sample of your own voice to make the avatar sound like you.
  10. Text-to-video option. Most importantly, you do not need anything except the script. Type the text under each slide, and in a second you can hear Elai playing it.
  11. High quality rendering is achieved thanks to the ability of AI to adjust the facial expressions of the character to the message they voice.
  12. Stock multimedia library is built into the platform: you can choose the best stock videos and photos for your project.
  13. Upload and manage your own video fragments. If you already have some video content, it is worth using this asset: upload the necessary video, accompanying it with some explanations.
  14. Background music for any mood is here. The service offers you an impressive music library.
  15. Add text. Frames can be accompanied by automatically generated subtitles, or any other text can be added to the slides.
  16. Apply animation. Make frames change each other with beautiful effects.
  17. Upload free animations from Lottie. In addition to the basic list of animations, you can find even more great options on Lottie, and you do not even need to open a new tab.
  18. Play and edit each frame separately. The problem of video editing is the difficulty of switching between the desired passages. In, you work with each slide separately until you achieve the best result.
  19. Use customer care help if you need it. Our managers are always in touch with you to give advice or help.
  20. Save the video in a few minutes. You will receive a notification by email when the video is generated and ready for use.

There were 20 steps you can take with to cope with your tasks. Try this way to make sure that it is easier than you ever wonder.

Bottom Line

Save time for teachers, students and video developers with Process automation will help you get better results and achieve high productivity in any area you work on.

Creating training videos is a complex process that requires professional filming equipment, a comfortable studio, and a script. Indeed, it is a script — all you need when you create a training course using the technical capabilities.

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