AI-Generated Video

How AI-Generated Videos Help Your Business

AI-generated videos are now on everyone’s lips. People write, talk, and argue about them. The fact that artificial intelligence technologies are the number one topic in the IT industry can be evidenced not only by enthusiastic publications in the media and numerous projects in this area. 

The scale of AI penetration in almost all areas of modern life, from scientific research and medicine to industrial robotics and self-driving vehicles, is big.

The perks of AI-generated videos

Modern AI’s can even recognize complex images, speech, natural language, and handwriting. Thanks to the use of special software, creating AI-generated videos is no longer a problem. Powered by unique technologies, AI generates video from sound or text, creating the perfect content for any of your needs.

The development of artificial intelligence plays a vital role. It is being introduced into more and more new areas, creating unique opportunities for those who are open to new trends. AI-generated video news is no longer a novelty that is a pleasure to have to impress others. is the best online artificial intelligence tool for video creation. Thanks to the service, you can build customized AI videos. A simple, logical web interface does not require special skills in the IT-sphere.

You can easily cope with setting up and working in it. On our website, you just need to enter the text script for the future video, the name of your company, and your email address. Then, you need to click on the render video button in the admin panel. A letter will be immediately sent to your mail with a notification about the generation of the video.

AI is already actively transforming our lives and the way we work. Its role in the educational market is especially noticeable. What’s happening now with YouTube videos generated by AI kids is amazing. By integrating artificial intelligence into the education and upbringing system, children learn to read and write faster and improve their reading skills. It improves the play experience of kids and allows them to learn with their voices.

AI video generation: How it works

To get started, register in the system. After creating your account, you will get a confirmation email with the required instructions.

The next stage is the direct creation of AI-generated videos. Just click on the New Video button. In case there is already a video in your library, add new ones by clicking on Add Videos.

Choose an avatar from the proposed collection. You can resize them and place them anywhere on the slide. If you like, you can choose a unique avatar for each slide.

Once you’ve decided on an avatar, it’s time to choose a background and decide on the text for the slide. You have an option to custom background or pick the color from the existing ones.

Next, add the text of your speech and the necessary slides. After you define all the information you wanted, simply click the Render button, and your video will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Generating videos from text with

A properly selected editing service helps you to easily edit business videos with powerful features. You will be able to get high-quality AI content with a minimum of time and effort. 

Thanks to the video generator from text, you can convert blog articles into short videos, add videos to your content strategy, and improve your position in the market for goods or services by going international thanks to an AI-generated video in 65+ languages.

An intuitive online video editor will generate video from the text in minutes. Edit, save and share videos with your clients, partners, and friends.

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