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New Turn for Learning and Development Experts

One of the powers of any great Learning and Development specialist is being a lifelong student. Not letting the mind go stale, always staying curious and willing to learn – that is what sounds perfect. For any successful company, it is crucial to have such workers at its core.

Motivation is a sacred resource that may need refilling often. We tend to get caught up in routine, tired thoughts, the details that keep us from being the best versions of ourselves. 

And sometimes, meditating and breathing techniques don’t work by themselves – we need someone from outside of our head to cheer us up and give us a little push.

And then, Learning and Development experts come into the picture. 

The importance of Learning and Development training

Let’s talk about the success of a company a little more. Having dedicated, curious workers is excellent. However, without Learning and Development experts, a company can only go so far. They are the ones that help the workers be up to date with any knowledge. Thanks to them, it is easier for anybody to keep their mind brilliant.

Learning and Development training is high-priority when the company is growing. People have to gain new skills quickly, often working outside of their comfort zones. At such a moment, finding a fitting way to hold the training is one of the keys to success.

How can video help Learning and Development experts?

Combined techniques work well, such as in-person training and online training. Not all of the information needs to be taught personally, and not all the methods are friendly to people for different reasons: working from a different time zone, for example. 

Nonetheless, it is desirable to choose a format that is engaging and attention-grabbing. Honestly, reading long papers is becoming quite outdated.

Video, of course, is a perfect solution. However, shooting a video is terribly time-consuming, and renting a studio can make a hole in the budget. That is when outside sources can be of help, such as our solution.

Commonly used formats for Learning and Development videos

Although there are a plethora of Learning and Development videos to choose from, each one serves the same purpose. The most important thing is that the audience understands and retains what you’re trying to teach them.


As the name suggests, microvideos are short educational videos that focus on one particular topic. Instead of narrative, microvideos may use merely images or text presented on the screen to convey a message. If you’re wanting to teach a huge number of simple activities that don’t require a lengthy training session, these videos may be suitable.

Presenter video

Consider taping a live training session to create a video of a presenter. After that, you’ll be able to modify the video and use it as a teaching resource. After a lecture or presentation has been recorded, the audience can evaluate the content they’ve seen. In general, these videos are longer and need a larger level of engagement from your audience.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do anything or offer your expertise, you’ve probably seen a screencast. If you’re teaching others how to utilize new software or a computer system, you’ll definitely include this in your video. There is no limit to how formal or informal they might be.

How to create a video for Learning and Development?

Any Learning and Development expert can easily navigate through our platform and create a video just from text. Taking advantage of modern solutions is only correct, especially when it is not complicated at all. 

The most exciting feature is choosing a digital presenter to speak in the video (in any language and voice). Choosing a background, pasting the text in the box, clicking “render”… well, that is a piece of cake.

All things considered

Onboarding videos are a useful tool in the hiring process. Using video to teach new workers about your company’s culture or explain your core ideas is always a smart move.

No work should be frustrating. Learning and Development experts help us stay curious and lifelong students. They definitely should not experience hardships while doing so.

Learning and Development experts are irreplaceable, and we are always eager to bring their work experiences to a whole new level.

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