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How to Easily Create Video With Voice Over

A video with voice over can help convey information and connect viewers to the visuals. It’s important to recognize the value of voiceover videos to make the most of them if you want to work effectively.

With the help of Elai Builder, you can easily create voiceover videos just from text. Perfect for simply narrating your slides or for use in tutorial videos, how-to videos, explainers, and more.

Interested in learning how to create video with voice over? Keep on reading to find out more.

What Is a Voiceover Video and Why Use It?

A video with voice over is essentially a video with a narrative on top of the audio track. A typical video format for lessons sometimes includes subtitles to make it easier to follow along. Recording the audio voice over at a professional studio is a common practice. The voice over would then be added to the video by a video producer.

Sometimes, visuals are all that is needed to communicate a message. However, adding voice overs to your videos may enhance the whole experience for your viewers by stimulating their senses both visually and audibly.

Editing is necessary to ensure that the visual and spoken information are in sync with each other. If the voiceover video is done correctly, the listeners may even feel a connection to the story they are listening to.

How to Make a Video With Voice Over? 5 Small Steps

Step 1: Select a video template or begin from scratch.

We have a variety of professionally-designed video templates that you may use to speed up the process.

Step 2: Choose an AI narrator for your video.

Enhance the monotony of a voice over by using an AI avatar. Your voice over will be narrated by the avatar.

Step 3: Insert a script for the voice over.

Allow artificial intelligence to do the talking. Simply write something, and our text-to-speech engine will generate a narration in seconds.

Step 4: Personalize everything.

Customize and edit videos straight in your web browser. With Elai, you can easily add transitions, a screen recording, and even music and images.

Step 5: Render and save your work.

The only thing left to do is to render the video and show it to your audience. Download and post anywhere you want.

Make Elai Your Voiceover Video App of Choice!

The use of video with voice over app enhances the experience of the audience with your content by highlighting key messages in narration. A video with voice over leads listeners and serves as a guide for content understanding. People’s ability to comprehend information is enhanced when audio and visuals are seamlessly blended. 

Using Elai’s video presentation maker with voice over, you can easily generate high-quality voiceover videos by simply typing in your text. Over 65 languages and dialects are supported, making it possible to expand your audience.

Elai Builder allows you to easily add create video with voice over by simply entering the text. Hyper-realistic AI avatars allow you to get high-quality video content without recording or uploading any footage.

Easy peasy when you have Elai on your side! Start with a video template or start from scratch, and then select an AI narrator. As soon as you add a voiceover video script into the text area, you’ll get a narration. Customize and edit your video in the browser, and then download the final piece!

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