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Picture in Picture Video: How to Create Your Own Videos With The New YouTube Feature

Making picture-in-picture videos and videos with pictures is an original technique to give your material more visual appeal. In this blog post, we will show you how to quickly make a picture-in-picture video.

Love watching those entertaining picture-in-picture videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube?

They are excellent at giving you a feeling of scale and enabling you to view two or more items at once.

Why not try creating your own picture-in-picture videos? It is not at all difficult!

All you require is Elai, an AI picture-in-picture video creator, plus a few relevant images.

The tool will make a picture-in-picture video for you after you submit your photos and choose your frame. It is enjoyable and simple!

  • Choose one of the numerous Elai video templates.
  • Select the Image from your computer, upload one from your Google Drive, or browse through the stock image library and choose the one you like the most.
  • Choose the Video format you want your video to be in. Elai supports horizontal videos or vertical and square ones for your social media channels.
  • Add a Title. A great title will not only help to locate the video in your video library but also is incredibly important in terms of marketing: when you upload your video to YouTube or any other platform a well-crafted title will help your video be noticed. 
  • Upload to YouTube and share. When you create videos with the Elai AI video maker, you have the ability to download your rendered videos or share them directly through the Elai share feature. To do so, need to go and watch your rendered video. There, you will see the share button. Click on it and make the video public. If you wish to embed your video on your website, you can choose the embed feature and copy the HTML code you will see on the screen.

With Elai, there are endless ways to create compelling videos using images and pictures.  What is more, you can create a video with a picture slideshow. This is a great idea when you want to demonstrate a lot of images in an engaging way.

What is the YouTube PIP Video Feature?

YouTube PIP video feature is a way of watching two videos at the same time. YouTube has been testing this feature for a while now, and it has finally been released for all users.

Picture-in-picture is a new video viewing mode that lets you watch two videos simultaneously on YouTube! To activate Picture-in-picture, click the Picture-in-picture icon in the video player. From there you can drag the smaller video window to any corner of your screen and resize it to your liking. You can also drag it off the screen to close it if you need more room for your main video.

The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature is currently only available on desktop browsers and not on mobile devices or tablets.

How to Create a Video with Elai.io?

Video creation is made easy when you use an AI text-to-video maker. thanks to modern technology you do not need to spend endless hours in the studio and wait long production hours before your video is fully ready. Nowadays, you can create a video using only text, and here is exactly how:

  • Browse the selection or use the tag search to find a video presentation template.
  • Include text on each slide. Additionally, you can easily include additional video clips or pictures in your presentation that suit your tastes.
  • To voice the text, Elai.io provides a sizable collection of appealing male and female voices. To ensure that your presentation sounds genuine to your pupils, you may also submit a sample of your voice.
  • The service allows you to work with pre-made avatars and transform the text into video. The narrator assumes the position of a professor and gives the impression that information is being passed from one person to another. According to research, it is more successful than a voice-over-filled video. 

This way, you can get a compelling video in no time. Let us see how you can make great videos using very simple auditions, like images and slideshows. 

What is a Video with Picture Slideshow and How Do I Make One?

A picture slideshow is a great way to share and display images in a more interactive and engaging way.

A picture slideshow is created by uploading images or videos to the video builder and arranging them in chronological order. The user can add captions, comments, music, transitions, and other features to make the slideshow more interesting.

Using images this way, generating video content is effortless.  you can use search videos or any others you make with the Elai text-to-video maker on YouTube to enhance your marketing strategy, get more exposure, and convert more users.

Why Do You Need a Slideshow With Your Video?

A slideshow is a type of video which is usually used to introduce or explain a topic. It can be used as an intro or outro for a video. Slideshows are also helpful in making long videos more digestible by breaking them up into smaller, more manageable chunks.

A slideshow with pictures can be an effective way to make your video production stand out from the competition. A slideshow with pictures can also serve as a memorable visual aid that viewers will not forget easily, making it easier for your message to stick with them and have an impact on their lives.

Whatever kind of video you decide to make, you will get amazing results if you use the right tools. You can easily create picture-in-picture videos of any kind: narrated, with fixture slideshows, with animations, royalty-free tracks, stock videos, or your own screencasts. Elai offers you endless opportunities for video creation:  from AI digital narrators to deep customization like custom font upload and voice cloning.

Today, there is no need to waste precious time and costs on renting a studio and hiring a crew. You can become a professional video maker and producer yourself. Do you know what the best thing is? You only need a computer, less than 30 minutes of your day, and an Elai subscription.

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