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So, you’ve been tasked with delivering important company directives via video. But let’s face it – setting up a camera and memorising lines can be a drag. πŸ‘‹

Or maybe your company has decided that videos are the way to go for conveying messages. Either way, get ready to prepare for your close-up.

But hold your horses; as glamorous as it may seem, creating the perfect video takes a lot of hard work and repetition. Is it all worth it just to pass on the info? We think so.

Imagine a business environment where internal communication is crystal clear, tasks are completed flawlessly, and everyone is on the same page. Sounds like a dream, right? But with AI video creation tools like Elai.io, that dream can become a reality! ✏️

Unlocking the power of communication is what elevates any successful organisation, and when it comes to boosting employee productivity, internal communication is the essential key. Without seamless internal collaboration, team members can get lost in translation and miss out on essential updates that impact their success.

Thankfully, with cutting-edge AI video creation tools such as Elai.io, businesses can now take their internal communication strategies to the next level. 😊

Join us in this blog post and discover the revolutionary impact of these tools on internal communication, and how they can bolster your business’s success. Say goodbye to confusing messages and welcome to a new world of flawless organisation.

Discover the World of Internal Communication Video πŸ“

Don’t bore your team with boring memos and drawn-out emails! Spice up your internal communication game with AI-powered videos that will captivate and engage your employees. Training sessions, updates, onboarding info – you name it, AI videos deliver the goods in a creative and super-effective manner.

Impress your team with personalised video content that will make them excited to tune in and stay up-to-date. 🧠

Picture this: your team is a puzzle, and communication is the glue that holds it all together. But just like any adhesive, it can become weak over time. To keep your team united and thriving, it’s crucial to assess and enhance your internal communication.

Shake up your workplace with these simple steps to boost productivity, collaboration, and happiness. Reinvigorate your team by focusing on how to improve internal communication and watch as your workplace transforms into a hub of creativity and success. 🌍

Benefits of Internal Communication Videos Creation with Elai.io 🌈

1. Streamlines Communication πŸ”₯

Introducing Elai.io, the AI video creation tool that simplifies employee communication! Now you can create high-quality AI internal communications video in a snap without needing fancy equipment or technical know-how. No more confusion or delay in delivering important information.

Elai.io brings clarity and speed to your workplace communication. It is the best moment for Elai.io to make your internal communication videos.

2. Saves Time and Money ⚑️

Did you know that AI video creation tools could help organisations save a lot of time and money? By using these tools, expensive video production equipment and personnel aren’t needed anymore, making the process smoother and more cost-effective.

Not only that, but employees can make videos in a significantly shorter amount of time than it takes to produce traditional videos. This boost in efficiency can help organisations be more productive and save money in multiple areas. Don’t you think it’s time to give AI video tools a try?

3. Increases Accessibility πŸ“²

Empower your employees to easily craft videos accessible anytime, anywhere. Keep everyone in sync with the latest organisational updates while managers can relay instructions instantly, no matter where they are. Let AI video creation simplify your workflow with a smooth experience.

4. Improves Engagement πŸ’»

Have you ever found yourself struggling to retain information presented in written or audio form? Video is the way to go! It’s visually appealing, highly engaging, and helps us remember information better. And guess what? With AI video creation tools, your employees can create amazing videos that are both informative and captivating.

So, why not give it a try? Improve engagement and increase the likelihood that important information will be retained with the power of video.

How to Make an Internal Communication Video?😱

Internal company videos have become an invaluable tool for modern businesses. They can be used to deliver essential information, promote company culture or even just make employees smile. Many companies may not realise that the creativity and effort put into these videos can have a significant impact on their success.

By creating engaging, visually stunning videos that captivate employees, companies have a unique opportunity to engrain values and the company’s mission, thus leading to a more fulfilled, passionate staff. 😎

So, why settle for boring company meetings when internal company videos can inspire, educate, and connect your team on a whole new level?

Step 1: Be assured your script is ready😲

If you want to create engaging workplace video content, you can’t wing it on camera. It all starts with the script! Keep your audience in mind as you write and make sure the message fits the purpose of your internal communications. Collaborate with your sources to ensure clarity.

Step 2: Select the template fitting your needs in the best wayπŸ™Œ

Ready to take your video content to the next level? Once you have your script in hand, it’s time for stage two! Head to your Elai.io account and explore the variety of templates available to you. Or, if you’re feeling creative, craft your own template for internal communication videos from scratch. This foundation will provide structure for all your video elements, ensuring a polished final product.

Step 3: Choose the avatarπŸ˜‹

Make an effective internal communication video with the right avatar. It’s easy! Just click on ‘Avatar’ at the top of your video canvas and select the best fit for your content.

Our video library offers a plethora of presenters to choose from – simply pick your favourite and incorporate them into your videos. But that’s not all – we can even create a personal avatar that represents you! Our talking avatars are created by utilising real actors’ videos and processing them with our innovative AI technology.

With over 25+ video avatars to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your brand! Experience the magic of having a digital presenter in your videos today!

Step 4: Paste in the scriptπŸ€”

Ready to add some personality to your slides? Simply paste your script into the designated boxes and watch as Elai.io magically assigns a fitting voice to your avatar.

Step 5: Edit your video πŸ™€

Get ready to bring your video to life! This is where you add the pizazz that separates your project from the rest. Think animations, transitions, and visuals that scream “WOW!”.

The possibilities are endless – throw in some text, images, icons, shapes, videos, screen recordings for that extra pop.

Ready to amp up your video project? Enhance it with music and scene transitions in just a few clicks! Simply click on the right-hand side of your desired scene or video canvas and explore our stock music options or upload your own tune for a personal touch.

And don’t forget about the magic of scene transitions – add them effortlessly to turn your project into an eye-catching masterpiece. Your audience won’t know what hit them!

Step 6: Generate your video content and publish it πŸ₯³

Bravo! You’ve nailed it – your team communication masterpiece is ready to go.

To marvel at your creation, simply click ‘Play’ in the top-right corner. Feeling proud of yourself? Go ahead and hit ‘Generate’ to let everyone bask in your glory!

Why AI Videos for Internal Communications Can Make Your Business Better? πŸ˜‡

1. It adds a touch of personalisation 😜

Get your team engaged and connected like never before with the power of video! From informative culture briefings to remote work updates, incorporating video into your internal communications strategy adds a personal touch that no other channel can match. And by bringing your staff and management closer together, these videos can boost employee engagement and productivity, too!

2. The level of modernity and professionalism is much higher πŸš€

Step up your company’s communication game with Elai.io’s internal videos – the modern way to stay on trend and impress. Showcase your professionalism while keeping up with the latest digital strategies.

3. It is more effective πŸ€—

Save big on expensive cameras and mics! Thanks to our all-in-one video editing software, you can easily create internal communications videos that captivate and inspire your staff. Plus, harness the power of video to bring your team together, boost productivity, and achieve your goals. Ready to start your video journey? Let’s go!

4. It allows you to reach bigger audiences πŸŽ‰

Spread your message far and wide with the power of AI videos! Reach your entire business – no matter how large or small – in an instant, so you can quickly get everyone on the same page. Elai.io makes it easy and affordable to engage all employees, which leads to greater efficiency and accomplishing your goals faster.

5. It encourages collaboration ✏️

Encourage your team to work together with AI videos! Everyone can join in the fun, no matter where they are located or what skills they have. Plus, it’s a great way to get creative ideas flowing among employees, which will help you reach new heights.

With Elai.io, it’s easier than ever to create amazing videos that drive collaboration and success.

Internal comms videos are one way to make sure everyone is on the same page. These videos provide an engaging and fun way for internal communications to keep employees engaged and informed about organisational goals, policies, and current events.

There are endless possibilities for internal comms video ideas, from an employee spotlight series to an office tour with a twist. Perhaps you could create a “day in the life” video featuring different departments, or a fun and informative explainer video introducing new company policies.

Whatever the idea, making an engaging internal comms video is a surefire way to inform, inspire, and connect with your employees. 🌍

Here are some fantastic internal comms video examples that break the mould and inspire creativity.


Innovative companies know that communication is key to success. From debriefing employees on company updates to inspiring teams to achieve their goals, internal communication is a crucial piece of the business puzzle. But how do you make sure all your employees are hearing the same message, with the same amount of enthusiasm? πŸ”₯

From video updates to interactive surveys, there are plenty of ways to keep your team informed and motivated. Your internal communication strategy should be unique to your business, showcasing your brand’s personality and fostering a positive work environment. So, what’s your strategy? πŸ™€

Your internal communication strategy should be as creative as your business. It should align with your company’s values and vision while engaging and informing your team. Don’t settle for basic emails and meetings; think outside the box!

AI video creation tools, such as Elai.io, can transform your organisation’s internal communication strategy. They streamline processes, cut costs, boost engagement, and enhance collaboration, all while saving you precious time. πŸ’»

Whether you’re communicating important updates to your team or reinforcing training through video content, AI technology is the empowering solution you need to improve efficiency and equip your employees with the tools to succeed. 😱

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