Custom Avatar Footage Instructions

To create your own avatar with Elai, please follow these footage instructions. The quality of your avatar will 100% depend on the footage being made in accordance with instructions.


  • Book a studio with a good camera and green background available;
  • Clothes, haircuts, and makeup will stay the same as in your footage. We won’t be able to change the avatar’s looks later. Please make sure that the clothing that will fit most of your videos;
  • Your hair shouldn’t cover your face;
  • Pro tip: try preparing a speech at home so you can fully focus on filming quality footage at the studio.

Technical requirements

  •  The green background is very important and preferred. If you cannot have a green background, please have a solid one-color background that contrasts with your clothing and hair;
  • Good lighting ensures the high quality of the footage, so using professional operators and lighting services is worth it. You can also try following best lighting practices like 3-point lights. See more here
  • The camera should film in Ultra HD (4K) or at least 1080p Full HD and support 30FPS.
  • Clear audio must be included. Please speak loudly and ensure there is no extra noise. It is ideal to use a professional microphone


  • Your footage should contain at least 3 uninterrupted speeches, while looking only at the camera. It is very important to look only at the camera for the whole duration of the speech;
  • Each speech should be 1-1.30 minutes long;
  • Your movements should be natural and calm. You can use a few gestures and face movements – please note that they will stay the same after the avatar is created;
  • Your speech topic and the language choice do not matter;
  • It is crucial to include 2-4 seconds pauses during the speech and at the end of the speech. Each speech should have at least 5 pauses;
  • During pauses, your mouth should be closed.
  • Below, find an example of good footage and speech performance. Please pay attention to the lights, pauses, and speech performance. 

Here is an example of good video footage. Please pay attention to the pauses during the filming process.

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