Elai - Custom Presenter

Footage Instructions

If you want to create your own “digital” presenter with Elai, please follow these instructions on how to make it properly. The quality of your custom presenter will 100% depend on the quality of the footage that we will receive.


  • Book a studio with a good camera and green background available
  • Clothes, haircuts, makeup will stay the same as in your footage. We won’t be able to change the look later. So please make a recording in suitable clothing that will fit most of your videos.
  • Try to do a speech at home so you spend less time creating quality footage at the studio.
  • Your hair shouldn’t cover your face and neck. Try to avoid beard if possible.

Technical requirements

  • The green background is very important! If you can’t have a green background you should have at least a plain 1-color background where the color will be contrasting with your clothing and hair.
  • There should be good lighting. This is a very important part of quality footage. It is worth using professional operators and lighting services or, at least, follow lighting best practices like 3-point lights. More here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXe3rEWrDVg
  • The camera should film in Ultra HD (4K) and support 25FPS or 29FPS.
  • Audio must be included. Ideally to use a “clip” microphone to make sound recording better.


  • We require at least 4 20-seconds uninterrupted speeches and one 1-minute uninterrupted speech.
  • It’s very important to look only at the camera for the whole duration of the speech.
  • Perform the same way as if you do in public or filming a regular video speech: your movements should be natural, you can use a few gestures and face movements
  • You can use any text you want in any language, the more important is how do you perform.
  • Be natural and calm. Your avatar will perform exactly the same way as you do.
  • It’s very important to perform 2-3 second pauses during the speech and at the end of the speech. Each speech should have at least 2-3 pauses.
  • During pauses, your mouth should be closed.
Here is an example of good footage and speech performance: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R8T3V_0_NlU6h65JYoL10uHAh54WC6JR/view?usp=sharing
Please pay attention to lights, pauses, and speech performance.

Screech example ("????" question mark means long pause)

Hi there! My name is Clark. And now I will tell you about the city where I live. ????
I live in an apartment. In my city, there is a post office where people mail letters. ????
Everyone shops for food at the grocery store. They also eat at the restaurant. The restaurant serves pizza and ice cream. ????
On Fridays, we go to the cinema to see a movie. Children don't go to school on the weekend. Each day, people go to the hospital when they are sick. The doctors and nurses take care of them. ????
The police keep everyone safe. I am happy to live in my city. My friends and I go to the park. ????
We like to play soccer in the park. On Monday, I go to work I work at the post office. ????
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